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  1. If I'm reading the log correctly it seems that the extra attacks are taken into account before the Mule Kick itself is applied. So that's good. What's not good is the Left Hand of the Obscured, I wanted to take that to give myself more staying power in long fights but it seems that 20% is not enough to make it reliable. Any suggestions for the glove slot?
  2. yeah, that's the question I want to ask OP. When he said solo the game does he mean just the base game or base game + megabosses? Because for me soloing the game means doing everything including megabosses I'm fine with not doing every sidequest. I'm still curious about Mule Kick vs Penetrating Strike. Which is better for one-handed characters?
  3. Lots of useful advice! I've been convinced to take Unbending and Disciplined Strikes. And I think I've been misreading Unbending up to this point. It's not a 25% damage buffer, it's in fact a 50% damage buffer, isn't it? Trunk or Shield? I've also been looking at Penetrating Strike again. Perhaps I want to change it to Mule Kick? Discracted means Flanked, so that means I can stack the flanking damage bonus from my rapier. Then again, given that I'm now running Unbending, perhaps getting figther's offensive abilities is pointless as Discipline is non-renewable? How about Pets? I was
  4. If I understand you right, you don't think high accuracy will ever be enough to reliably crit? I really want to keep it Single Hand though. How significant is that difference? In that case, perhaps I should invest in those potions that give -10s hostile effect instead of Clarity? On that note, I assume the correct active skills to choose are Arcana and Athletics? Which scrolls are must-haves and how high does my Arcana need to be? Is it possible to boost your armor high enough for the enemies to underpenetrate? If so, how is it usually done?
  5. I was thinking that with the sky-high accuracy and other hit-to-crit conversions I don't need Disciplined Strikes. If I understand correctly, Tactical Barrage gives me plus 1 virtual level that would be useful when spamming Stunning Surge, no? But it's recovery is so long. I might be better off waiting for the effects to expire on their own. Definitely single-handed style, for no other reason than it looks elegant. I was also considering using Last Word. Is it good? What other single handed weapons are recommended? It would probably be better, but I'm sticking to the d
  6. I'd want to prep a character for a solo PotD game. I'm set on her being a Brawler, a duelist for hire. I'd be grateful if you could point out any glaring mistakes or improvements to be made with this build: Human Devoted (rapier ?) / Monk (no subclass) Maxed DEX and PER Talents: Level 1: Disciplined Barrage & Swift Strikes Level 2: Fast Runner Level 3: Lesser Wounds Level 4: Fighter Stances & One-Handed Style Level 5: Long Stride Level 6: Two Weapon Style (?) Level 7: Tactical Barrage & Swift Flurry Level 8: Rapid Recovery Level 9: Penetrating Strike (?) Level 10
  7. I can't seem to find this neclace anywhere: https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Wahaki_Tua Is it in the game or does it only exists as code?
  8. If I could ask for a recolor once again? To match the color scheme below, brown for the hood, blue for the ornaments, face stays the same.
  9. I was thinking a bit lighter and more vivid, but the above is great nonetheless. Thanks! Is it me or does the girl look like 15 years older on the first watercolors?
  10. I would be greatful if someone could recolor the above basic portrait. I want the skin to remain the same, the hood to be brown (pecan shade) and the ornaments to be pink (lavender shade).
  11. We’ve been seeing more and more multiclass names, some good, some not so good. Would it be possible to add an option in the menu to display class names as either to use an example, “Brute” or “Fighter / Barbarian” for those who prefer the venerable AD&D naming convention?
  12. I too thought it was a good portrait so I tracked it down to here if you're interested: http://skyzocat.deviantart.com/art/Ethea-Commission-517835181 Thanks for the link. And there are a number of other quite good pics there that are close or semi-close to the general PoE style. True. If Eothas had his own Godlike in the game, this would be an excellent portrait: http://skyzocat.deviantart.com/art/Diana-Scorn-of-the-moon-480402816.
  13. A high level Paladin armed with St. Ydwen's Redeemer does this job well. His sword deals with vessels and he can take the new Abjuration ability to deal with spirits. Or you could dual-wield Yenwood swords, which would net you +4 Con.
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