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  1. This thread went south pretty quickly due to people targeting each other in personal attacks rather than approaching things with reasoning and logic (I would say Achilles at me, Gromnir at me, me going for 90% inappropriate criticism towards Gromnir). While it's hard to take a step away from rather baity personal attacks especially when they're coming from a few different sources and so say things in the heat of the moment (e.g. what I said Gromnir and then apologised for), maybe at this stage we should all do so - though if you want to carry on don't let me stop you. As I've not heard a,
  2. That's why, what's the point in me making this thread and having people like you abuse me over and over again just to bow out on your insistence. As you've been pretty vile and insulting to me throughout this entire thread towards me, I'm sure as hell not bowing out on your say so. I sincerely hope you talk to people a little better in the future, rather than throwing every insult under the sun at people when you disagree with them. But, you probably won't. All that said, my suggestion of optional on-act/expansion start and every 5 hour autosaves neatly solves any of the issue I encountere
  3. Look, look, Anakin, none of that matters now. Who was right and who was wrong has all been blinded by my startling good suggestion: Deadfire should optionally offer autosaves at the start of acts. Heck, why stop there, Deadfire should optionally offer autosaves every 5 hours (either as a full set, or as a rolling three like the current autosave system, and in addition to the current autosave system). This option is separate from Expert mode, however it's ruled out by Trial of Iron as those buggers are already in for a world of hurt and they of course hate save scumming (which isn't what th
  4. Look, I just thought of a simple solution to Obsidian not wanting to appropriately tackle issues that can (in some people's minds) completely bork a save - have autosaves at the start of Deadfire's acts. They introduced this in Pillars because too many people were wandering into the point of no return pit (IIRC), and if they had these sort of autosaves I would still be happily playing their games. Of course, introducing these autosaves is in itself an admission that they can't produce nice mechanistically unbugged games for us all to enjoy - but as everyone seems to think that's a perf
  5. I would disagree, I'm taking the personal rude responses as personal, I'm taking responses such as yours as well intentioned (you also dodged the earlier point about the pink stuff, not calling you out just a comment that this argument is twisting to the points you are finding pertinent). I'm sure people are already questioning a lot of things about me (honesty, rationality, intellect) and I'm never going to be able to change people's minds. I don't expect RPGs not to be bugged, as because I mentioned I have allowed for loads of bugs in Pillars (and Skyrim, and other games) while somewhat happ
  6. I'm not going to get rude about anything, but no. I'll to flesh it out: (1) 3.07 released - pink stuff everywhere, game hotfixed after several weeks, (2) content they introduced in 3.07 bugged (another hotfix, after several weeks), (3) after the final hotfix - bearing in mind point the first 3.07 was described as "definitive" version in the first place - there's still gameplay altering bugs. They released with an issue, they fixed that issue, people complained about an issue, they fixed those issues, and there's still more and more issues, as there has always been for Pillars consiste
  7. Probably quite true, and maybe because when I sit down to play a game (any game) I play it obsessively and don't really want to play anything else and really invest time into it I'm quite likely going to come up short - I'm far removed from a casual gamer. Maybe I'm not cut out to play RPGs anymore, as all RPGs are inherently buggy and the player base has to wait around for the devs to catch up and fixed their initial bugged and broken game - and whether the end result of the patching process turns out to work well (Skyrim, in my much already maligned opinion) or not so good (Pillars) for some
  8. Look, it's painfully simple: Obsidian's latest patch introduced pink crap all over the place for Linux and Mac players (like me) on expansion content, which is far worse than anything I have seen in Skyrim, and it took them a fair time hotfix it out. It was a bug they introduced in the game in their patching process (not in 3.06, present in 3.07). I last played Skyrim for 54 hours, and in half the time playing Pillars (27 hours) I encounter a serious bug that alters the state of play and lowers my highest possible might on a build designed to do high single hit damage. Maybe Skyrim will
  9. No, the analogy would be the state has had a fair but slightly dubious reputation for a long time - due to corruption or a poor economy - and now they want you to fork over money to make a second state very similar to the first one. You agreed to finance this new state when you thought the going was good, but you didn't realise the current state you're living in wasn't what you thought it was to an even worse extent - maybe the head of state has begun making outlandish claims about his big red button, I don't know. On that basis, you're no longer happy to fund the new state, but those back
  10. Well thanks SonicMage117, but I don't see myself as being overly honourable or anything like that. I think the game's fans (excluding the more level head ones) have really over-inflated what I did here. I got a refund on a (more or less) pre-order of a game as I was entitled to, and wrote an open criticism to Obsidian about why I was doing it. The criticism is full of factual objective points, though whether getting a refund on a pledge is appropriate to the criticism is open for debate. I even said, quite clearly, that is Obsidian's record with bugginess improves a great deal I'm certainl
  11. Well I have to go off games I've actually played. I would wager there is an RPG out there from a similar sized company and of a similar complexity with fewer bugs, but I haven't played it as I tend to only have one massive time sink game on the go at once. The comparison isn't perfect, but the general point that RPGs with far fewer bugs that are impactful on mechanistic gameplay (combat, running around in the game world, etc.) exist is a valid one. With the Lyrinia bug, on a different character I could easily start missing Might dialogue checks (as it's a separate source of Might which sta
  12. That's a perfectly fair criticism of the comparison, but really as a player I'm here to comment on the product that I'm currently playing, not factor in extenuating circumstances due to the size of the company. It's not my prerogative to be giving a company a free pass when I'm not pleased with their product. Plus, as I have mentioned, while Obsidian are smaller than Bethesda they're not exactly a tiny indie developer either. In terms of stability improvements made by modders, I don't play with any unofficial patches or performance enhancing mods (or mods in general), so I'm only playing w
  13. Coming back to address more recurring points as they are really colouring what I originally said here, perhaps Skyrim was a poor example to pick as an "unbuggy" game - not because I feel like I'm wrong - but because a lot of you seem to have an irrational hatred for it. If you look at what I said: My point here was therefore, if you compare Skyrim Special Edition side by side with Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition as games at the end of their patch cycles, Skyrim to me has won as at least I can play Skyrim without finding a mechanistic bug - so talking of how Skyrim looked at its in
  14. I thought I'd come back to say I apologise to Gromnir for me being a ****, my personal thoughts or impressions of him have no place in this thread (or really ever being voiced in general). I think personally calling someone dishonest is a pretty large accusation, and one that people wouldn't make publicly outside of the internet very often (or maybe they would, I don't know), and one that shouldn't be made unless your entirely sure that it should be - and so it really pressed a button for me. That said it's not an excuse, I should have expressed my annoyance at his behaviour in an entirely dif
  15. Well good play to him, but if someone is going to publicly call me out as what amounts to a liar with what is the most pathetic strawman I've ever seen (so much so that a stiff breeze could knock it over) just to get the final word in, what reaction does someone like that expect? Consider me trolled, baited and my points weakened by proxy, which I think is what he was looking for anyway.
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