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  1. You definitely could do with a healer. I recommend an Island Aumaua priest of Magran buffer/gunner with quick switch. Stats something like: 21 13 12 8 16 8
  2. There's a sarcophagus in the main Copperlane catacombs area that can definitely drop it. There's another sarcophagus in the adjoining temple of Woedica area that I believe has the same loot list. They can also drop the +spell damage and +ranged damage gauntlets.
  3. Tested with Borresaine, but I'm assuming all stunning enchantments are identical. Screen cap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9072xz6q7xj4g1i/borresaine%20stun%20sneak%20attack%20bug.png?dl=0
  4. My zealous focus has a huge AoE. Stacking bug from boots of Zealous Command? Are there still stacking stat bugs in the game? Thought they fixed that...
  5. Hmm driving flight would be nice. But I would rather go for swift aim because vicious aim's accuracy bonus does not stack with devotions of the faithful. EDIT: cancel that, swift aim has an accuracy penalty... idk about ranger tbh. I don't think driving flight makes up for the rogue's crit bonuses.
  6. Here's my tentative stunning weapons party: barbarian - soldier - hours of st. rumbalt, godansthunyr barbarian - peasant - cladhaliath priest of eothas - adventurer - starcaller rogue - adventurer - borresaine rogue - soldier - tall grass, aedrin's wrecker wizard - noble - rod of pale shades Sound good?
  7. Yeah dual wielding is a tough one. More hits = more chances for crits and dual wielding really shines with full attack abilities like barbaric blow and heart of fury, but the 12 accuracy from using a single weapon is pretty huge for a build focused on crits. On the other hand you do run out of talents that help you get crits (single weapon style doesn't provide crits), so it becomes a tradeoff between: 1) getting another weapon focus and dual weapon style and having dual wielding as an option, and 2) having more reliable damage with single weapon style and more defensive abilities like bod
  8. Torments reach AOE hits don't use equipped weapons stats//effects .. They will never apply any weapon enchantments .. Oops. I tested it but forgot to take off my retaliation armor. Thanks for that correction.
  9. Stunning weapons work with Carnage and Torment's Reach. How would you build a party centered around exploiting this? (assuming PotD difficulty) Here's a list of the stunning weapons I know of: Melee: 1) Cladhaliath - spear - stunning, coordinating or stunning, vicious 2) Starcaller - flail - stunning, spell striking (minor missiles) 3) Godansthunyr - hammer - stunning, +1 might (stacks with other items) 4) Mabec's Morning Star - stunning, wilder slaying Ranged: 1) Borresaine - war bow - stunning, draining? 2) Rod of Pale Shades - stunning, disorienting Then there are the
  10. Supposedly there are items to be gained from prisoners but I have not heard of anyone getting anything but a couple hundred coppers. Has anyone collected all the available prisoners and held them for a while in a high-reputation stronghold? Also, can we make a list of the loot lost by taking each prisoner? Gramrfel - Dead Man Standing Kestorik - 3 emeralds, vithrack brain Aefre - nothing important Nyrid - grimoire Eorn - ? Naelde - ? Captain Esmer - ?
  11. Another related bug: sometimes weapon spellbinds are not replenished when resting.
  12. I think this bug affects all weapons with spellbinds. Non-weapons work as intended. I've seen some weird behavior, like: -Cast fireball using Taluntain's Staff. Immediately switch to another weapon and click on an enemy to attack. Character stands in place waving his weapon above his head as if he was using a spellbind. Swapping weapons again fixes it. It's at the point where I need to F5 F8 before every non-trivial fight just to make sure my spellbinds will work. Can anyone else confirm they are having the same issue?
  13. Not Kana but my main character. Hitting him with a stun (silent scream) made combat end, then saving and loading fixed it.
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