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  1. Your forum software doesn't allow me to upload it and I'm not inclined to jump through any extra hoops to do it for such a minor issue. Why don't you guys increase the size limit for attachments already? e: I mean since you're outsourcing bug hunting to us players why not make reporting them simple?
  2. When you encounter Talfor during the quest Sealed Fate, the gunpowder barrels in the corner do not explode.
  3. It says that Spirits and Wisps have weakness for perception afflictions yet they resist blindness. Attached is a save file with the fight close by. Seth (3b21c4ea-6957-42e9-b25b-68670767d349) quicksave.zip
  4. Was wandering around old city outlook and noticed that Xoti wants to initiate dialogue. When I click on the speech bubble she only has the regular things to say. E: I think it started after sucking up that one soul that can be found there.
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of gaming. That's just the way it is. If you don't want to be disappointed you shouldn't preorder or buy games on release.
  6. Just the one. Or maybe two but only one Rolling Flame. That's pretty extreme. I wonder how many wounds he consumed. Because I've noticed that sometimes Zahua uses up more wounds than he should. I haven't looked into it so it could be just the AI using skills but maybe something similar has happened there.
  7. Going Between causes Exposed Soul status effect. Apparently it's a negative effect since it procs binding rope but does anyone have any idea what it does? The tooltip doesn't say anything.
  8. When the binding effect on Binding Rope procs it shows as *EffectError*. Also, it seems to proc on some buffs. In the screenshot you can see how it procced from the Cipher power Going Between.
  9. The effect shows up as *EffectError* all the time. Also, the Cipher power Going Between seems to proc the stuck effect. e: Nvm, I had a different item. I'll post a new thread.
  10. Here you are. Just rename them when you copy them to the folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftxevtrekyie08q/companion_cv_durance_hub_v2%20-%20Copy.conversation?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5pzr2hpl38puzv/companion_cv_durance_hub_ashfall_v2%20-%20Copy.conversation?dl=0 These are the old files. You could as well copy the new ones over the hotfix files I think.
  11. My Hiravias has 10 first level spell casts. After I picked the bonus 1st level spell for Aloth, he started displaying the same symptoms. But he can also cast eight 3rd level spells. He's been wearing Ring of the Selonan for a while, so I think that also causes spell slot stacking. Here's a savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gqvy119sw1j2jt/spell%20slot%20stacking%205239326e-434d-4388-acc8-54c86acb3753%20autosave.savegame?dl=0
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