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  1. Sorry, I can't take you seriously if I read something like this. I'd say that both BG1 and BG2 had a pretty weak story, so saying that BG1 was slightly better due to a better pacing is justified. I'm totally okay with that. But saying that BG1 had better quests... really? I mean; really? Name me just one quest that wasn't just "go there, beat **** up" in BG1? Certainly not clearing the endless levels of Nashkel Mines. Or all the pointless dungeons filled with hordes of copy & paste encounters. I can name you dozens of memorable quests in BG2: The Unseeing Eye, the De'Arnise Keep, the
  2. This review simply has too much "angry" in it and it seems to cloud the author's vision completely. The problems that are mentioned, while somewhat true, are nowhere near as annoying and don't stop me from enjoying the game. Sure it could be better, but the author makes it look like the worst pos ever made which just makes him look like a hired troll.
  3. Let's face it, chokepoint defense will always be one of the most viable tactics in this kind of games and RL as well, and I don't get it what makes people so agitated, it's not like this game is PvP or something. More tactical options? People will use chokepoints anyway because it IS the best defense against being swarmed/flanked. Giving the enemy more AoE attacks on the other hand might screw combat balance in other situations (and piss the living hell out of me personally). More teleporting enemies? I'd say that Shades are a pain in the ass already and because of the disengagement penalties
  4. I agree it's dumb to have to choose between an amulet and a cloak. It's like having to choose between gloves and boots. If I had to guess the reason behind this I'd vote engine limitations.
  5. Agreed, reaching the bed is only frustrating because of the long 2x loading time on the way. As I said in another topic, my main problem with the stronghold is the turn-based tax. I understand that it was introduced so players can't farm gold/reputation just by sleeping but it makes no sense when your hirelings cost you money daily and taxes are not coming in because you're not doing enough quests. If you want to keep the dumb turn system at least make the hireling's pay tied to it too!.
  6. Well, while the lack of pre-buffing doesn't bother me that much, I always liked this aspect in RPGs. It surprises me that so many people scream against it. If you like to keep it this way, fine but I feel that because of the need to buff in combat battles tend to be more chaotic, you have to keep the party grouped until the spell is cast and in the meantime enemies close in on you and can tie your ranged classes in melee with risk of disengagement penalties. At least making the buffs near-instant cast or with bigger radius (so you can send the tanks forward before the buff is cast) would help
  7. First I'd like to thank all devs and backers for bringing this wonderful game to us, It's great! But so far, the only thing that keeps me from enjoying it fully is the stronghold turn-based tax system. I understand that it was implemented to restrict money farming by resting, but I really hope it gets reverted to fixed timescale someday. If someone wants to rest 21 times to collect ~1000 gold, for the love of Berath LET HIM. I want to be able to calculate if I can afford hirelings instead of hoping that the tax comes before payday... Adventures are also the same proble, I'd like to know for h
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