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  1. The Skill cheat command in the console does not appear to work as advertised. My character has 10 mechanics When I say "Skill player mechanics 15" I get a message saying "Player_New_Game(Clone)_0's Mechanics is now 15". However when I look at the character sheet, her mechanics skill is 25. Also if I save and reload, the skill level reverts back to 10. So it seems that the command somehow adds to the skill instead of changing the base value and the effect is not permanent. As a feature request, it would also be nice to have a AddSkillPoints command which would add skill
  2. I just had this happen to me for a steam install. I went into steam and did an integrity validation of the game and it found several files corrupted and redownloaded them. After that everything was working again. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 If you're not on steam, try reinstalling the game from scratch.
  3. I played through hard mode with a 4 person team of a Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, and Cleric. The early game was just about right but most of the end game outside of the 2 hardest bosses was easy. This phenomenon seems to happen often in games like this, where in the beginning you have no money, equipment, or abilities but by the end you're a killing machine. I remember Fallout 1 and 2 in particular had this problem. By Act III, my characters were near or at max level and I basically owned everything. The Sky Dragon went down the first time easily without even trying. The only battle in Act
  4. In the end of the game, going through your inventory of weapons in a chore. It would be helpful if fine, exceptional, and superb had different colors in their weapon icons. This might also add more excitement to finding new weapons with rare color backgrounds.
  5. Wow super fail. How could I have forgotten about Suikoden (and Suikoden 2)! Thats the model for what a stronghold system can really be. The prestige and security thing we have already would tie nicely into recruiting NPCs. Each NPC would have a minimum prestige and security requirement (and also some of them requirements on specific structures existing) before offering to go and live in your stronghold and offer their services there. I'm also not a huge fan of the statue that manages the stronghold for us. It really doesn't make any sense. If it were me, I'd probably have added a new h
  6. The stronghold is a nice idea, but honestly it feels incomplete or even rushed. This post might be somewhat spoilerific to people who want to discover what the stronghold offers on their own first. A few suggestions I would make on the stronghold. Some of them minor, others major and could be part of an expansion. 1) I find it very strange that I have my own city which is completely devoid of life. As we repair things, add more NPCs to the stronghold. I should see guards standing by the gates and villagers walking around the city. The closer I get to full repairs, the more populated my
  7. Consider trying a priest instead of paladin for second offtank. His defenses are not as high naturally but he has a lot of additional utility in healing, buffs, and crowd control.
  8. I'm running a 4 man party. In front I have a custom fighter as main tank, Durance as off tank, my PC as a wizard in the back lines and finally a rogue which alternates between ranged DPS and melee DPS / 3rd offtank. So far, I find his most useful spells are the seal spells. The level 2 spell repulsing seal will knock several enemies down for a good while, providing great crowd control. Buffs and healing help out a lot as well. Since priests don't have high damage potential, theres really no point in sitting in the back and throwing out a support spell now and then. I think its more use
  9. There were many threads on this forum debating whether or not the EXP progression rate is just right or too fast. The basic problem is that if you want to be a completionist you'll likely hit the level cap well before the end of the game. The progression is optimized for players who don't do all of the optional content. Why not add a new difficulty setting for EXP gain from quests? For hardcore players who want to do everything the EXP level can be set to a lower multiplier. This setting could at minimum award an achievement upon completion of the game. It also might be the case that
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