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  1. I'll have to check that later, I doubt that makes a difference though. Any other people with sneak attack experiences? For example. does your attack cursor change like in PoE1? Or not? For me it never changes.
  2. I want to play a ranged mindstalker in a bit of a pirate-theme with double pistols while debuffing them as a beguiler and getting sneak attacks in that way.. Except it seems my pistols don't do sneak attacks on afflicted targets? There is no indication anywhere, nor does the attack cursor change like in pillars 1.
  3. Hello, I nearly finished my first playthrough on Normal (6-man party, all companions). I enjoyed this, but I found managing 6 characters a bit annoying sometimes, also it was a bit too easy for me. So I decided that I wanna start a 4-man party on Hard for my second playthrough. The idea is, that 4-man should still be quite doable on Hard but at the same time give some challenge. The 4 man party has a few restrictions which is; I want my main character to be a Rogue DPS. Also I don't want my tank to be an Orlan, having a small Orlan as main Tank is just weird for me. Finally; I don't w
  4. low endurance ? kill them in one hit ! xDDDD (6% extra damage from amauma is better , 2 might you know ... xd ) Yeah I guess But I'm not a total min-maxer, as long as my character is pretty decent AND fits in my RP choice its much more fun for me I like making good builds but they don't have to be PERFECT mechanics-wise.
  5. As far as I noticed, you will get 1 point in a disposition very quickly (only need to choose that option a few times). Higher points is harder though. Since you said you just reached Defiance Bay, that's not so far in the game yet, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most dialogue options start at 2 points, and then you will start noticing different responses. That was my experience at least (I could be wrong). EDIT: and to answer your last question, pretty sure it's not intended to have many points already at that point in the game.
  6. Do we know this already? There doesn't seem to be much official communication from Obsidian after release. Any idea when patch comes? Also, when is the documentary being finished, it was part of my champion edition and I'm kinda curious
  7. fir what i saw black waters can be the best one, you just need to find that 50% corrode lash weapon ... i swear i dont know were the hell it is xD (its a two handed sword) and you need to get the 20% extra corrode damage ... or the corrode and fire ones if you want even mor damage xDDD since it does .. weapon +50% corrode +20%bonus or with flames weapon +50% corrode +50% fire +25% fire +25% corrode +20% bonus at corrode (or at both if you get both talents) add slaying against kith or beast for optimal result i even thought on geting multiple slayer talents ... xD Sounds g
  8. Ok thanks, didn't think about that stronghold upgrade. The Defiance Bay vendor is in Copperlane I assume?
  9. Great post Arctic! I wanna go DPS Paladin as well for my second playthrough. I will be going Bleak Walkers though, mainly for RP reasons, I wanna be a cruel person and doing the bad stuff in quests etc. :D (I was very benevolent in my first playthrough). Your attribute distribution is nice, will use it. Doesn't Bleak Walkers have a dmg buff as well to flames of devotion?
  10. wanna enchant my 2h weapons, but where do I get the ingredients besides picking them up in the wilds? Aren't there any good sellers for ingredients? I found 1 decent seller in Dyrford village but any advices would be welcome!
  11. If I hadn't read the forums I wouldn't have known there are bugs. I'm 50 hours in now, and have encountered ONE bug. (I couldnt loot some corpses, after restarting the game (didnt even have to reload) I could continue normally). I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I want to thank Obsidian for this nice release. And I'm sure most bugs will be fixed very soon in a patch for those people that have bugs
  12. Marksman talent says its for 'distant' enemies. How far must they be? The blunderbuss for example has shorter range, will it help that one as well?
  13. As soon as you can pick a talent I believe, so that would be lvl2? You can get a talent at every even level.
  14. Anyone knows some people who make YouTube guides with good character creation? Some people who KNOW how to play Pillars of Eternity on Hard or Path of the Damned? And not those popular people who dont even know the basics I prefer video, but some good written guides would be helpful as well.
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