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  1. So like, I don't really feel a difference between Defensive and Aggressive for the party AI auto-attack settings. Which is the optimal set up for each companion? I currently have it off for my personal rogue since he's micro-manage heavy. I'm clueless for my companions though. Currently have Eder as tank, Palegina off-tank/DPS w/ Flames of Devotion, Aloth+GM+Hiravias for ranged AoE CC/DPS. Any tips? I'm on POTD btw.
  2. Well that guide is 100% legit and nailed it.... until the first balance patch anyway, and WM P1... WM P2 is already being worked on. And balance patches don't affect quest resolutions anyway, only bugs.
  3. No, what I meant before is I've only previoulsy played this game up to Caed Nua. I currently restarted a new playthrough now and never saw this "Strange Illness" affliction at the beginning of the game, and I tried resting thinking it would go away. But I guess you just have to progress to Cilant Lis now. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. ? I've played up to the stronghold, so you can spoil me. I was wondering if this is like a bug or what? I want to know when it'll be removed.
  5. Tried resting, doesn't get rid of it like a normal knockout injury would. I even completed "Moment's Respite" and I'm in the cave map. Tried to rest there, still doesn't get removed. I got the springberries too, but I can't use them? Uhhh.............
  6. Just got the springberries, but I'm still affected by the "Strange Illness" injury at the beginning of the game?
  7. Ok so the affliction (Blind) is checked through reflex, and the damage part of the spell is checked through Deflection? Makes sense now.
  8. Example, look at Blinding Strike for the Rogue: It says: Target: Blinded for 10 sec | Accuracy vs. Reflex User: Full Attack | Accuracy vs. Deflection, +25% Damage I don't understand this accuracy part??? Can someone explain this?
  9. My friend only plays co-op games, but I agree with my friend that every game in co-op is much more enjoyable than by yourself. Pillars of Eternity is not an exception here either. I would love to play with a friend in online co-op in Pillars 2 and make decisions together and fight together.
  10. The only quest I havent done is Raedrics but isnt that better to do at a higher level? Honestly this fight is total bull**** with fighting in a small room vs insta kill fan of flames excluding the ****ing fire immune fire blights zzzz
  11. Lv 4 party with me as a Rogue, Eder, Durance, Aloth, and Kana. I've wiped 10x. I don't know what the **** to do in this tiny ass room with with fire blights and Maerwald 1-2 shotting entire party with fan of flames. I'm about to give up...
  12. Possibly today. I was out on Friday so I am checking to see if anything major was reported over the weekend. If nothing was reported we will do the update sometime in the next few hours. Awesome news, thanks for the reply!
  13. When can we expect the official 2.02 release Brandon?
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