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  1. so the WM:2 go out ... and POE at least one has been conclude ... i want to ask you guys what is your opinion about the greatest task\quest that make you the most captivating and enjoyable with the game... for me it was the "Endless paths of od nua" all the story and the 15 levels dungoen made it for me for the best to learn the engwithan language of the deaths and their culture ... what do you think guys ?
  2. pillars of eternity graphics way more mature and classic and very much like the pure DnD BG and ICWD , while D:OS is more cartoonized ... i thinks i preffer obsidian pillars of eternity by far .........
  3. there is any good forum thread where to get all the 'unique' items ? from what ive checked in the wiki it missing a lot of stuff out there and i really searching for a good 'build' on my 3rd run of the game ! thanks.
  4. will the developers add like in bg1 and bg2 multiplayers add-on ? ill hope they will make it in the next part of the white march ...
  5. does anyone knows if obsidian gonna make PoE 2 ? from my point of view poe was the best game i played in the las 15 years and far better then D:OS and SCL(which i bought and was a huge dissapointment), poe feels for me as the best rpg DnD like game like BG'1/2 , ICWD and etc. so i really want them to make a continue to this game and if not im volantere to make a procced game to this amazing game. what do you think guys ?
  6. ok so i went into the lich mad wizard all my party lvl 12 and he takes me easily in "easy-mode" any suggestions ?
  7. if it up to me i would add a few more races, or even more something that fits the companions in the game, for example aloth : in lvl 12 can become archmage and bind to himself a robe of the archmage that made from ivory and gold or maybe in level 14 he will have to choice between the path of the dragonborn or the path of the undead (only if he want to) , if he chooses the path of the dragon , out of his shoulders coming out a nice red wings, if he chooses the path of the undead he can do a ceremony that make him a lich wizard ... both i think can add a real flavour to aloth character... i would add an half-giant race and thri-kreens , half-lizard , for the ranger i would add amazing companions such as : unicorn, hipogrhiff , gryphon... something amazing like that...
  8. Hi guys ! At first i want to mention that im a big fan of all the D&D games even early more then BG, Since Might and Magic , Ultima Series and etc. I have played BG1 and BG2 and IWD from day 1, amazing plot to the game ofcourse, D&D 2nd Edition in forgottern realms world, even though i always was a Dragonlance fan but still it was amazing. POE(Pillars of eternity) goes beyond that, amazing graphics by my opinion and the most amazing thing its the robes(and i think it will be good if in the secoend edition it will be allowed robes and necklaces togheter) and none of supression. The Endless paths of OD NUA is amazing, striking and hard stop to play it, the defiance bay gilded vale and dyrwood amazing too even thogh that i slightly thinks thats little bit confusing but thats only me(and its not critisise to this amazing and perfect CRPG up to date. As an accountant with knoweldge at softare and d&d i think i can add a lot to obsidian develop team. Keep the amazing work and in touch to.
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