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  1. Oh man, that looks awesome m8! And her name is just an English version of my name, so she's 'Tania'. ^^ What did you name the half-orc? And do you use him in any rpg's? :D Thank you! Yeah, this is Nu (named from the Egyptian watery abyss). He's a fisherman NPC in my D&D Campaign which we're all too busy to pursue so he's largely just a figment of my imagination, I mean...not that he wouldn't be anyway.
  2. The pale elf looks good! What's her name? Here's me as a half-orc.
  3. Get me out of this hellhole

  4. Everyone here is speaking the truth. There are serious continuity issues with the present title screen and the original game.
  5. Hey, Every time I enter a new area I am alerted that 'The Steward of Caed Nua has received a letter for you.' I can press 'Continue' or close the window with the 'X' in the corner but it will pop up again and again every time I enter a new area. I have gone to the the Stronghold many times in order to receive this letter but nothing's happening. I backed up my save files and reinstalled. The problem persisted. I reloaded previous save files before I was receiving the recurrent windows, they began again. How do I get rid of this window? Link to Save files and logs: https://www.dropbox.
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