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Found 3 results

  1. Let's pretend for a while that we aren't grown-a** adults, and play a 'who would you be in a fantasy world' like game. Make the stats reflect you, add or remove as many as you'd like! 10 always means you're 'average' however. And 20 is the highest score! Choice of stats; Might: How strong you are, physically. Constitution: How endured you when something hits you + how long you last (I mean...stamina....yeah...) Dexterity: Balance, Reflex and quickness. Perception: How well you notice things, how quick you catch someone in a lie etc. The good stuff! Intelligence: Logical IQ pretty much. While perception is more of an emotional IQ. Reasoning, logical thing etc. Resolve: Bravery, emotional intensity etc. Besides the stats, also chose which race fits you most, which background/job (it doesn't have to be in the game) you have or had (you can twist it into a more fantasy setting like work though, if your job doesn't fit in. If you want!!) and also, chose your Deadfire bonuses; Diplomacy, Intimidate, Religion (lore) History (lore) etc. As well as your personality which fits into PoE word; Clever, Honest, Deceptive, Stoic etc. Here's mine; NAME: Tanja RACE: Wood Elf CLASS: Chipher STATS: MIGHT: 8 CONSTITUTION: 6 DEXTERITY: 10 PERCEPTION: 20 INTELLIGENCE: 12 RESOLVE: 15 BACKGROUND: Artist/Writer BONUSES: +3 insight (Check list here: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skills)and add which one/s apply to you most! (Also, kinda makes more sense for a Chipher if I may comment, LOL.) PERSONALITY/DISPOSITION: (5 is the highest you can go...0 means...well...0!) Clever: 5 (As in...witty and funny and irrelevant xDDD) Passionate: 4 Honest: 3 Benevolent: 2 Aggressive: 1 Deceptive: 1 Diplomatic: 1 Stoic: 0-1 (Very rare for me) Cruel: 0-1 Rational: 0-1 (Lol) .....What about you? xDDD
  2. Edited my photo and made a pale elf out of myself! :D I used paint.net and its level slider, along with hue , contrast etc! The best I can do before I get my tablet back, but still! Pretty proud! How about you? Did you edit your portrait to fit into POE? Or made a drawing of yourself? If so, I'd love to see it! :D <3
  3. How does it make you feel that you will never be anything remotely close to your heroically glorified self-insert character? Does it bother that you will never have the physique of the warrior you imagine yourself as (you're actually kinda chubby, let's face it)? Or that- despite having stooped so low as to call your wizard after your embarrassing middle name- as a muggle in denial you will never sling magical spells? Is it a disappointing realization that none of your so-called friends see you as being even remotely close to the ultra-suave and persuasive individual you fancy yourself as? Do you actually perceive your unbecoming facial features as elven? How does the self-insert subculture of the Project Eternity cope with their startling inadequacy relative to the exemplary characters they create?
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