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Found 12 results

  1. Not everything was lost during Caed Nua destruction. Some accessories were recovered and made their way to Deadfire! Have made a mod, that adds several accessories from PoE1 to vendors in Deadfire. In v1.0.0 the following 8 items are added:Shod-in-Faith (boots) Gauntlets of Swift Action (gloves) Lavender Hat (ex. Lavender Wreath) (headgear) Binding Rope (belt) Talisman of the Unconquerable (amulet) Fulvano's Amulet (amulet) Bartender's Ring (ring) Pensiavi mes Rèi (ring) In v1.1.0 the following 10 items are added:Coil of Resourcefulness (belt) Crossed Patch (headgear) Tax Colle
  2. I've just done my second playthrough in PoE2 and something about the storyline struck me as...unanswered. Or mostly so, anyway. Apart from a comment to a VTC board member during the final VTC questline where you can choose to say that you intend to rebuild Caed Nua, what actually happens to your lands remains an open question. Now it is implied that you "return home" in the ending slides, but what sort of home are you returning to? Does the Watcher still, by Dyrwoodan laws, still legally own the lands attached to Caed Nua? I would really like to see a (small) quest, to answer this questio
  3. I just finished White Marchs 2 and went to deal with Yenwood. When I got there I had NONE of the Special allies that I'd collected over the game. Those being the Archers, the Knights of the Crucible, and the Ogre Clan from WM1. If there a workaround or a fix for this?
  4. I don't have any idle adventures yet but a couple quests have come up, since I have no one there they have expired. Will they ever come up again? Thanks.
  5. Caed Nua Stronghold Turns You can think of each Stronghold Turn as being an extra reward for any full completion of a Quest (Main Quest, Side Quest, or Task), whenever a Quest is marked off as finished in the Quest Journal. How to Have a Good Stronghold Experience Since Stronghold events only occur on Stronghold Turns, it makes sense to try to avoid turning in Quests before acquiring your Stronghold. However, there are some Quests that are required in order to get the Stronghold itself. Once you get the Stronghold, rationing Quest turn-in's allows you to save up Strongho
  6. hi, just registered here to ask a few questions. I've been playing Pillars of Eternity for a couple of weeks now. Let me start off with this one. I know this may be an old topic, but I kinda need help with one. I just so happen to check some information about the game, specifically Caed Nua. link over here: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Caed_Nua#Adventures I noticed that there are special guests (bad and prestigious ones) that actually provide other conversation options. The ones i actually have in my keep now are Lord Byrnwigar (bad) and Lord Sidroc (prestigious). For Byrnwigar,
  7. Hey all! Just something I was thinking about. Is Brighthollow supposed to be an inn on our property that we just happen to sleep in? Perhaps just a mansion that we live in on the estate? I guess my main question is why is it separated from the main castle? Is this supposed to reflect any historical culture? Doesn't seem to be common whereby a lord's quarters is separated from the main keep. Anyone got anything on this? Thanks!
  8. Some minor "not game-breaking bug" I saw in the game (after 1.03 patch.) 1. "His old self" quest- After you finished the quest with Kaenra, if you talk to her again, she will ask you how's the quest going, like she didn't already know the quest is completed. 2. "Champion of Berath"- The fampyr butler- the one escorted you to the rooftop - who suppose give you a option to acquire her to be your servant, disappeared after combat with Raedric. 3. If you have high enough Dex and Con, one of the prostitutes in Salty Mast will offer go to Caed Nua to serve you, but if you sleep with her/
  9. Does the adventuring action work properly in the player stronghold? Yesterday I received that option and since I had some minor exploring to do before the next big step in the storyline I removed Kana from my party and sent him adventuring. The whole mission supposed to last 9 turns but it dragged on for weeks. Literary for weeks!!! I built all the major walls of the player stronghold during that time. In the end I just went to my quarters and slept and slept and slept to see if Kana's mission will ever end. It did not. I had to reload and replay two entire maps because of it. And possibly I w
  10. for some reason ever since i upgraded the entire map of Caed Nua has become extremely dark. (i cant use image extension so heres a link to the screenshot http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/37493561213721404/811D6F7637FDDBA3AD94083AD66865DD6B57ECB6/ ) Its extremely difficult to navigate, has anyone else experienced this yet. EDIT: fixed image link
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm honestly not sure if I've found an actual bug or just an example of a poorly-placed NPC. But I don't seem to be able to claim my stronghold and progress the story. I've just defeated Raedrick and helped his cousin take the throne, per the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest (and had killed Osrya and saved Giacco at Nedmar's behedst). I searched Raedrick's Keep up and down, every level, and no one there would talk to me, including Kolsc in the throne room (he just tells me "Forgive me friend, there is much to do," doesn't even enter the conversa
  12. Dear developer team, I just encountered a severe bug that keeps me from moving further in the game: In caed Nua, my wolf companion disappeared after reloading a saved game (after I died fighting Maerwald). Now, I cannot leave the hold, because it is said that I have to assemble my party first (i.e. also the disappeared wolf companion…). Now comes the tricky part: the wolf companion is also gone in all of my other savegames, thus I am completely stuck… I saw that some other people encountered this as well... Hope you can help me out, Best Alex Here is a dropbox link to the s
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