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  1. While I could make a new thread about the excat same thing, I'm choosing to instead simply bump this thread and add a screenshot link: I was in a shipfight, and just as I hit the loot button to end the fight, the game crashed. After the CTD, I looked at the inventories and character screens for the characters to see if anything looked out of the ordinary and lo and behold, Fassina was now a "Spirit" (how would a glitch like that even happen?), even though the description is about Ocean Folk. I don't think the ship battle had anything to do with it, because I loaded every singl
  2. Not too fond of the idea of a PoE prequel set during the Saint's War. If there's to be a prequel, I'd much rather have it set in the time leading up to, and about, the creation of the Engwithan gods. A PoE3 could be set immidiately following PoE2, but the mechanics of the game would change, and you no longer control the Watcher of Caed Nua. It could be a RPG/strategy combo. And the only class is cipher. You play an animancer on a desperate/near hopeless/challenging (depending on PoE2 ending) mission to solve the mess Eothas made. Main enemy are crazed followers of Rymrgand, who either are
  3. Storywise, PoE1. In Po2, I keep getting this sense that one faction, one sequence of quest progression, one endgame choice is THE right choice, the writer's favorite choice. Otoh, I frigging love naval combat, that companions now have favored/disfavored dispositions, and that the geopolitical scale of conflict of the PoE2 factions vs the local squabbles of Defiance Bay's factions has a greater impact on the story's future.
  4. Not sure I follow your reasoning, excatly, but I guess at the heart of the debate is what consitutes a "god" to begin with. If one likens "god" to a creator god, then, sure, they aren't gods. If, however, you don't think that's a neccesary requirement to be called a god, if a god is "simply" more of an incorporeal, immortal, supremely powerful being that could have been created by something/someone else, then they are gods. No matter if they started out as kith. Thaos' and the Leaden Key's deception isn't that the gods aren't real - the entities known as Berath, Wael, Magran, Eothas, etc.
  5. After visiting Arkemyr's mansion following the break-in, if you have Aloth in the group he will mention some magical incident involving the archmages and a destroyed village. This incident is referenced again during Forgotten Sanctum, once by either Llengrath or Tayn (forgot who) and in one of the many notes of those Librarians. IIRC, I believe it was in one of those notes that it's hinted that the girl came from that village the archmages' accidentally destroyed.
  6. The way it's phrased in the game, "there are no gods, but really there are" is a little... clumsy. The gods were made real, the only thing fake about them is the mythical origin stories surrounding them. The gods are essentially the fused souls of an ancient, massive animancy-science experiment. So, the gods are real, but the stories - or mythology - spoken about them is fake. I don't recall if the in-game mythology says that the gods actually created everything- or if it's similar to most indo-european gods where gods aren't omnipotent universe-creators (although they might edit the world abi
  7. So, if one chooses to restore Abydon, untempered, you get this ending slide: "Additionally, Abydon's restored interest in preservation led to redoubled efforts to survey Engwithan ruins. Animancers and craftsmen alike found much to study, but tensions with Eir Glanfath rose. (1) As for Stalwart, the Battle of Cayron's Scar only strengthened their resolve to unlock the mysteries of Durgan steel and build new marvels with the White Forge. However, Stalwart's ambitions brought them into further conflict with the Readcerans as more and more impoverished communities gathered at the border and
  8. A prequel, set 2000 years prior to the PoE timeline, and you play as an Engwithan some years before the creation of the gods. Given one of the possible outcomes of PoE2, I don't think a PoE3 should happen. (Then again, one of the PoE1 endings had several characters being mentioned living, and dying, far off into the future...).
  9. I've just done my second playthrough in PoE2 and something about the storyline struck me as...unanswered. Or mostly so, anyway. Apart from a comment to a VTC board member during the final VTC questline where you can choose to say that you intend to rebuild Caed Nua, what actually happens to your lands remains an open question. Now it is implied that you "return home" in the ending slides, but what sort of home are you returning to? Does the Watcher still, by Dyrwoodan laws, still legally own the lands attached to Caed Nua? I would really like to see a (small) quest, to answer this questio
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