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  1. If not the Saints War and the God Hammer then something before Pillars. I guess there is enough Lore here for them to create some interesting story in those lands.
  2. It's a good Idea and my Advice is Sound. Create a Pillars of Eternity III that is before Pillars of Eternity taking place during the creation of the God Hammer and the destruction of the a Made up God made Flesh. It would be a darker game set it dark times. Keep going forward doesn't make sense at all.
  3. This is, sadly, pretty much never going to happen. I don't see how Durance could written with out Chris.
  4. It should have the game as the prelude to Pillars of Eternity . It should be about the Saints War and a young Durance and his Party that slayed a God with The God Hammer. The game should be darker, gritter, and more mature. Of course your going to need Chris Avellone back on board to do the writing for characters like Durance. (contract for hire) There could be a young Eder in there too. Just going forward with another location etc isn't that great of an idea. it's time to create the Story that is told in Pillars. Good Luck!
  5. How music would work. Music directing. Theme Flute over strings....Then orchestra arrangement expanding theme between orchestra. Enter over world or town (plays part of the orchestra arrangement. Enter a Main Town(needs it's own theme) Dungeons need dark ambiance. Enter Combat the music needs to fit the scenario of Combat , needs it's own theme but doesn't need to play every time you enter a fight(unless you compose perhaps three or so themes for combat) Combat should have melody to make the theme. Fight major Boss battle it needs it's own theme. Some major event is happening in conversation the music like a film needs to reflect this. *Romance, suspense, Characters theme, etc* The arrangement needs to reflect the theme of the world(Sailing, pirating, or a dark presence in the background?) Music can be expanded more to be more subtle bring up the motifs of theme (so question and answer phrases that were part of the theme play) After Bombastic Orchestra the winds play between the strings as answering phrases on the motif of the Main Theme. Not all areas need to have defined themes. The music needs to contrast it's self with rhythm instead of all ambiance all the time or it's boring. The Majority should be that Orchestra Arrangement of the Main theme of the Game. Major areas always need their own theme. well that's one example as you can see it's all subjective.
  6. That was an interesting Survey! I am glad I played that game again last year or I doubt I would have remembered the many things I did. Does show how deep the game was with it's many characters in the world. Still I found the faults in the "third part of the game" as I did the first time I played it when it first came out. The expansions were done very well! Some day I will play Pillars of Eternity 1 the expansions and go right into Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire.
  7. Game was truly amazing! Hats off to you Guys! Your team has created a great Brand to expand with! I look forward to the expansion and Pillars of Eternity 2! I was so invested in this game, the characters the story, the good the bad. Great Experience. Your Music directing could have been a lot better though. I won't go into detail about it. I tired to do everything in the game finishing it with 81 hours I believe.
  8. Which tells us nothing because the Grieving Mother's opinion is influenced by our previous interactions with her. which is wrong because if you unlock her full story you would know what I am talking about .
  9. I never ran into saving after long conversation in the whole game. and it took me two tries to beat the last boss.
  10. After you have had very long conversation with audio, allow people to save right before the fight. That way when you have a tough battle and you die you don't have to go through the whole conversation again. after multiple tries on a tough battle the conversation becomes retort. Good Idea! yes it is!
  11. Iovara looks right! Yea but you get to choose you were lovers. When you have that conversation with her and talk about how you betrayed her there is a little bit about being lovers. She says she will never forget the times you spent together and that memory above all makes her happy. you agree to continue what she believed and you want to save her, but she it trapped and you can't do squat. I just wished there was more! There could have been more at the ending of the game since her story was so important in the game. The developers left it. Other then that I found the Full Game to be quite amazing! I hope they step it up though in Pillars of Eternity 2.
  12. For some reason I forgot her name and I just beat the Game! Yea but I think there should have been more with her being your lover and trusting you. The conversation with her when she responds to you as being her lover wasn't as deep as it could have been and in the end when you agree with her, it's just "well fairwell" I still think there could have been more about that and resolving a few things. It's close but didn't feel close enough. Iorvath was that her name ? Doesn't look right. Why do I think it was Ivonia or something. Damn I can't remember! Call her the Apsotate. That was the only fault I had with the whole game!
  13. I became sick for a whole week so I played Pillars of Eternity. 80 hours did everything on expert mode. This was really great Game! But I would have liked more with the Elf Girl at the end. No matter the dialog choices you don't really resolve your love afair with her that your awaked soul had. It wasn't really the right good bye. I didn't think that was thought out as well as it could be. You should have written something up for an ending after the end, like the charcters and what they did. or you should have been able to save her some how or something. Just felt unfinished. She should have had as much importance as Thaos did. Other then that Pretty Amazing! Look forward to Expansion and Second Game. You also had couple music battle tracks that were half way decent.
  14. Hey that damn Cool! One thing with KickStarter, it has to be damn Annoying dealing with all the wannbe developers that not only track you down and try and change your game but also constantly complain about what it is you are doing. That's part of working with all the fans though and I guess you have to deal with that. On the Positive Side KickStarter has breathed new life into your company and it looks like this franchise will continue to be successful for you! Time to break out the Beers again! All The Best!
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