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  1. So.. my race on my watcher is Spirit. I definitely picked Ocean Folk. Is there something going on? I'm in the starting cave after shipwrecking after starting a new campaign on PoTD for 5.0 turn based mode.
  2. The Devoted Assassin works very well, evidenced by sin tee's video on YouTube during the beta. Since then they have received a bit of a nerf to Bleak Walker's Flames of Devotion and one of the Rogue passives (Backstab or Assassinate, I forget which). As long as you aren't playing solo on PotD, you'll wreck face with those from stealth/invisibility FoD's. Can't speak to the monks, I know single class monk is godlike right now but I never liked them as a concept so I've not looked in to them.
  3. I didn't check if cleaving stance was a full attack, I'm just going by what is in the description says(nothing specifically about it that I can see, I haven't picked it up yet). I'm sure you're right about that. There are a few other abilities that I'm curious about, but I'll have to bring them up in another post. Thanks for the build tip, that sounds wicked.
  4. I'm curious, since in PoE1 dual weapons were king of DPS, do the various passives and stances make two handers more useful? I'm thinking of things like Paladin's Retribution passive (gain damage % on next swing after getting hit), Cleaving Stance (bigger damage on the secondary attack after a kill), etc. Big nasties in heavy armor don't feel the same if they've got to run with a couple of dinky weapons rather than a big old bastard.
  5. This sounds pretty interesting. I didn't think Priest had many decent damage spells. Might try this myself
  6. My release day ritual tends to be: 1) Finish download. 2) Clean desk immaculately. 3) Create a character and putter around. 4) Repeat step 3 up to ten more times. 5) Sleep on it, come back next day 6) Start my "real" character 7) Play the first 5-10 hours and then repeat step 5. Play the "real real" character and finish it in about 3x more the hours that are suggested on the box cover. (First play is on Veteran level so I don't have to powergame it, good tactics are typically enough) It's my way of artificially extending the game and getting enjoyment out of it before I finish my
  7. After further review I've decided to go Bleak Walker/Black Jacket. Two sets of dual wielded pistols and then get down and dirty with a Sabre/Dagger.
  8. Bleak Walker Paladin with melee / pistol. And a fancy pirate hat. As for multi-class - I still haven't decided yet.
  9. Wah. Guess my idea of a sabre/pistol wielding Bleak Walker is off in a puff of non-existent black powder smoke because I won't be using it.
  10. What do you guys think of Bleak Walker/Barbarian (Mage Slayer?) with a two handed sword? How would this compare to a fighter? I assume that fighters would be more sturdy, but barbarians would have some more fun active abilities. Any thoughts on this? (This is my second thought if pistol/sabre dual wielded won't work out) If someone could throw me a quick and dirty build up to level 8 or so that would be even more awesome. I'm trying to get a handle on the mechanics of the game and how multiclassing would synergize, but I don't know how stuff works; i.e. how much accuracy is too much accur
  11. I apologize if this was already mentioned, I don't have time to skim through to see if it was already. When dual wielding a melee weapon and a gun: If you fire a shot from your gun and then move to melee range in order to swing your sword, you will stand next to the foe and reload your gun before you swing the blade. Seems counter intuitive to this style of fighting and makes it rather useless compared to using a gun in one slot and a melee weapon in another.
  12. They might have pistols and melee itemized for working with each other well. Stat them differently than standard melee + pistol. Such as a sword that reduces your gun reload by quite a bit, and a gun that causes an enemy to be weak to melee attacks. (quick and dirty way to do it, I hope they don't have to do something like this. Be better to just make dual melee/gun work properly)
  13. Pistol/Sabre was utilized by cavalry in the American Civil War (among others), though I doubt it was "dual wielded" for more often than a few moments. It very well could have been with the invention of repeating pistols. Josh spoke about it on the last stream. As long as the bug is removed that makes you reload your pistol after moving in to melee rather than swing away with melee, it'll work well enough.
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