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  1. Would it be possible to display tooltips for the abilities of enemies in the bestiary? Currently its only showing the abilities name, which is useless most of the time. For example, the boar has two abilities, "Wounded Boar" and "Gore". How am I supposed to know what these abilities do? You made the effort to write a lore text for every single enemy in the game, yet the bestiary doesn't provide any information thats actually useful in the game. Being able to read what the enemies abilities actually do would be the only reason for me to ever open the bestiary.
  2. The problem is, there are a lot more abilities that give bonuses like that. If i would add a toggle for each of these abilities it would get very ugly, because some of them only apply for specific weapon types. That means i would have a lot of different formula in the table and you couldn't anymore drag the formulas down. If you want to know your DPS with this skill, there are currently two solutions: 1. You just add that modifier to your character modifiers above the table, so that every weapon is affected and not only dual-wielded weapons. You can than just ignore the wrong DPS numbers and
  3. Thanks, i appreciate constructive criticism. As I explained above, i am still near the beginning of the game, so i expected that i might miss some details like that. I will update the table as soon as i have time. I knew about the +12 accuracy for one handed, but i hat no clue about the -30% Recovery speed for dual wield. Does the dual wield bonus only apply for melee weapons? Because ranged weapons use technically reload speed and i didn't notice a speed bonus during my test with ranged weapons. I would also like to know if there are any penetration multipliers (except crits) i
  4. I have created a DPS calculator for Deadfire. I used a custom function (Makro) to calculate how the game handles stacking of multipliers (it is neither simply multiplicative nor additive). The row above the main table is to enter your character values (your accuracy, damage multipliers from talents, equipment bonuses,...), but the bonuses from your weapons are listed separately in the table. To calculate the total multiplier for one of your stats, you have to use my custom function WMULT (). Let's say you have a damage bonus of +15% from might, +20% from soul whip and -30% from another talent,
  5. I don't think that Overwatch and Warframe are less demanding than Deadfire, probably the opposite is true. I have a GTX 1060 and Deadfire utilizes 75% of it, while running the game with ~70 FPS. I guess your graphics card is your bottlenek. Did you check the load on your graphics card too? Check this benchmark for comparison: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html
  6. Crits give a +25% damage multiplier, whereas the "Blunted Criticals" effect (to find for example on pistol) gives a -25% damage multiplier to crits. However, 1.25 ist not the inverse of 0.75 (0.75!=1/1.25), which means that criticals do less damage than normal hits with such a weapon. I suspect that a multiplier of 1 / 1.25 = 0.8 (-20%) was intended so that crits do the same damage as hits.
  7. Do you play on PotD? I noticed that you can't change any difficulty settings on PotD, not even the level scaling.
  8. Of course the completely wrong items names are the most annoying mistakes, but even the translations that are technically correct often don't make sense. For example in the graphics options the windowed mode is translated with "Mit Fenstern versehen". It's like the translator has never played a computer game and didn't know what windowed means. This example isn't so important, but if something like that happens e.g. in an ability description it can get very confusing and misleading. Currently my quick fix is to use the german localization for quests, dialogue, character names and locations, w
  9. Wegen dem Bogen Sabra Marie: Im Englischen steht bei allen ähnlichen Waffen "Grants [Effect] on Critical Hit". Zum Beispiel steht beim Cloudpiercer "Grants Jolting Touch on Critical Hit". Warum da nicht "inflict" steht weiß ich nicht, aber gemeint ist bei Sabra Marie, dass der Bogen ein mit einem Kritischen Treffer getroffenes Ziel verwirrt. Verwirrung ist ein ähnlicher Statuseffekt wie Bezaubert und Beherrscht.
  10. I have already finished the game, so you have to jump into the pit to test it in combat. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ds6zwmdljahy79v/AADdBcq-MH-N2eqg_6qeHdP1a?dl=0
  11. No, but you have to talk with galvino. You could try to sneak past the golems. The key to open the door is in the room opposite, behind the secret bookshelf-passage.
  12. The level upscaling only affects the areas of the expansion. The Adra Dragon is as strong as it ever was. As you say, you can’t change a maps difficulty after you have entered it, so load a savegame before entered to Thaos and change difficulty? The Adra dragon was designed for level 12, so with expansion and level 14 characters he is easier to kill as before.
  13. Have you talked to galvino? Edit: Do you mean this bug?
  14. Ich habe noch zwei Fehler in Waffenbeschreibungen gefunden. http://imgur.com/a/Sl9kE#0 Ich hoffe es nützt euch etwas, wenn ich das hier poste?
  15. The "Ambushing" of Fellstroke should cause +25% sneak attack damage, but the effect is not listed under active effects and does not appear in the combat log, like other sneak attacks. Im afraid that the effect does not work, but it is difficult to test this. So another question: Is it possible to modify a weapon to deal constant damage? That would make it easier.
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