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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, It is more a proposition, not really a bug. There is a cool thing in Tyranny : you can saw the % of transformation for each step. It would be really cool if in Pillars that would be the same thing ! : For found bugs or even generally a better comprehension of stacking rules. EDIT : If there is a diminushing return, it is the good place to learn the true %. Like : 30 % + 10 % = 40 %.... or 37 % ? Quote of Boeroer in another topic.
  2. Crits give a +25% damage multiplier, whereas the "Blunted Criticals" effect (to find for example on pistol) gives a -25% damage multiplier to crits. However, 1.25 ist not the inverse of 0.75 (0.75!=1/1.25), which means that criticals do less damage than normal hits with such a weapon. I suspect that a multiplier of 1 / 1.25 = 0.8 (-20%) was intended so that crits do the same damage as hits.
  3. This build is a solid choice for a TCS run and has been thoroughly tested by me. I'm sure quite a few people have come up with something similar by now, but my recorded TCS run might serve as a nice basic strategy guide for people wanting to use this build for a run of their own. Here is the playlist of my run: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrU0fsUmH2FaASxfjRn9medY4YyQQOZZZ And here is a video about dealing with Thaos: https://youtu.be/ynynYV2IJjs Build Moon Godlike, Rogue, Deadfire, Merchant Stat distribution: 18 3 17 3 18 18 Abilities - Crippling Strike, Reckless Assault, Blinding Strike, Dirty Fighting, Withering Strike, Deathblows Talents - Dual Wielding, Shadowing Beyond, Deflecting Assault, Vicious Fighting, Bloody Slaughter, Quick Item Slots Talent Rewards - The Merciless Hand (Doemenel route) - Dungeon Delver (Twin Elms, Girl in the inn, Help the adventurers) Skills - Stealth 5 (Required to sneak past Caed Nua throne room Spectres), Lore 10 (8 if you find Glanfathan Adraswen), Mechanics 7 (Requires two or three +1 inn rests throughout the game), Spare points into Survival. Very important items - Shod in Faith (Smith, Knights Castle in Defiance Bay) - Rotfinger Gloves (Merchant, Ondra's Gift) - Minion summoning figurines Good items to have - Azureith's Stiletto (Smith, Gilded Vale) - Gaun's Share (Temple of Eothas, Gilded Vale, Dangerious to get early on) - Äru-Brekr (Looted from the group trying to steal the Foge Knight research papers) - Blunting Belt (Smith, Gilded Vale) - Ring of Protection (Random loot, Merchant in Copperlane) - Ring of Deflection (Random loot, Merchant in Copperlane) - Glanfathan Adraswen (Random loot) Endgame weapons - Starcaller (Market, Hearthsong) - We Toki (Larha in Galawain's Maw, Oldsong)
  4. Dual Wielding "Stiletto" Rogue aka. "Sneak Attack" Rogue, "Crit Monster" Rogue, "Death by a Thousand Cuts" Rogue, "Glass Cannon" Game Difficulty: HARD Class: Rogue Race: Meadow Folk (Additional Accuracy and Damage when below 50% Endurance) - Human (+1 Might, +1 Resolve) (Hearth Orlan is also a good choice for the additional "hit to crit") Background: The Living Lands (+ 1 MIGHT) Drifter (+1 Stealth, +1 Survival) For RP Purposes for my character, I chose Drifter. Choose Laborer, Merchant, or Scientist if you want to start with Mechanics. This Rogue is a Dual Stiletto-wielding Rogue. This build is all about the CRITS, FAST ATTACKS, and DR bypass. You are a Glass Cannon, the main single-target, damage dealer. You rely on Sneak Attack critical damage from your auto-attacks. It is important to keep up Sneak Attack conditions on your enemies for maximum damage, so you need a little help from Wizard's or Cipher's AoE debuffs. Micromanagement is needed if you want this build to be effective. Why STILETTO? Why not Daggers? Stilettos have +3 DR bypass. Daggers have +5 Accuracy. Accuracy is very easy to get using buffs from your NPC companions. Debuffing Deflection is also easy. So Dagger's +5 Accuracy is a little meh. You can get Unique Stilettos very early in the game (Azurieth's Stiletto from Gilded Vale and Oidhreacht from Level 1 Endless Paths). There are only 2 Unique Daggers in the game. You get 4 for Stiletto. Stilettos also benefit from the talent Vulnerable Attack. (3 DR bypass + 5 DR bypass = 8 DR Bypass [11 for Bleak Fang]) Starting Attributes: I've seen builds that are dump stat-ed to death. I didn't want that for my character. I still want to retain a little RP, if you know what I mean. MIG - 20 - I wanted to max this stat for max damage. CON - 8 - I would've dumped this like other people, but I don't want my character to be a complete wuss. DEX - 18 - For fast attacks. PER - 14 - For reasonable Interrupt, Deflection, and Reflex INT - 10 - You really don't need this stat for the Rogue, but I don't want my character to be dumb either. RES - 8 - I really don't need Concentration. For conversation stat checks (INT/RES), wear items and consume food with stats. Also use resting bonus. Abilities Blinding Strike - Debuff for Sneak Attack (Full Attack) Crippling Strike - Debuff for Sneak Attack (Full Attack) Deathblows - x2 Damage on top of Sneak Attack damage. Deep Wounds - Raw Damage over time. Dirty Fighting - For Crits Reckless Assault - For Melee Accuracy and Damage Talents Two Weapon Style - +20% Melee Attack Speed (this balances out the negative from Vulnerable Attack) Vulnerable Attack - +5 DR bypass, -20% Melee Attack Speed Vicious Fighting - For Crits Savage Attack - For Damage Bloody Slaughter - For Crits Weapon Focus: Ruffian - +6 Accuracy Quest-acquired Talents The Merciless Hand - +30% Crit multiplier Gift from the Machine - +1 Might, x1.05 Max Endurance Dungeon Delver - +10% Crit multiplier Song of the Heavens - +1 Perception, +2 DR Shock Blooded Hunter - +1 DR Slash/Pierce, +1 Stealth Galawain's Boon - +1 Might, +1 Athletics Gear (please refer to PoE Wiki for item locations) Weapons Early game Unique Stiletto Azureith's Stiletto - Spell Striking: Jolting Touch: Grants Jolting Touch Oidhreacht - Draining: 20% of Damage restored as Endurance End game Unique Stiletto Bleak Fang - Upgraded to Superb Enchantment, Spell Striking: Touch of Rot, Rending 3 DR Bypass Misery's End - Upgraded to Superb Enchantment, Burning Lash +25% Damage, Vicious +20% Damage against Prone/Stunned/Flanked, Slaying: Vessel Ranged Weapon - for alpha strike Forgiveness - early game Dulcanale - end game Endgame Armor and Accessories Azaalin's Helmet - +10% Crit multiplier Lilith's Shawl (Neck)- +3 Perception, +1 Stealth Gauntlet's of Puissant Melee - +10% Melee Damage Pensiavi mes Rei (Ring) - +3 Might Ring of Thorns - +3 Dex, +5 Reflex, +20 Defense while Stunned/Prone Vengiatta Rugia (Light Armor) - Retaliate, +10% Damage to Flanked, Enchanted +2 to Intellect (Just to increase range of Watcher abilities and debuff durations) Boots of Speed +3 - Move fast, kill fast. Nuff said. Good for scouting too! Belt - You can either use Blunting Belt (+5 Slash/Pierce DR), Belt of Eotun Constitution (+3 CON), or Broad Belt of Power (+2 Might, +2 Resolve). Endgame Attributes Level: 12 Mig: 25 (26, if you choose to sacrifice Eder on the Blood Pool. lel) Con: 8 (11, if I use the +3 CON Belt) Dex: 21 Per: 18 Int: 12 Res: 8 (10, if I use Broad Belt of Power) Endgame Skills Stealth: 8 (2 points are from item and talent) Athletics: 5 Lore: 0 Mechanics: 10 (12, if you have Gloves of Manipulation) Survival: 5 End game character stats: Health 632/632 Endurance 166/158 Damage Primary: 22-31 Pierce Secondary: 22-31 Pierce Accuracy Primary: 84 (90, if with Paladin's Zealous Focus) Secondary: 84 (90, if with Paladin's Zealous Focus) Interrupt 24 Concentration 69 Deflection 46, Fortitude 79, Reflex 96, Will 53 Damage Reduction 10 Slash 16, Crush 13, Pierce 19, Burn 8, Shock 12, Corrode 8 My Character's End Game Personal Record (Click links for party NPC comparisons) Enemies Defeated: 1190 Crits: 2267 Hits: 1881 Total Damage Done: 152977 --- Please feel to comment or criticize. Thanks!
  5. I'm going to keep the story limited so i'll just not give any background or where i was but i activated a trap on accident and it crit me for 503 damage and maimed me instantly
  6. I have found a possible bug, I have noticed it with the bow Borresaine, when equipped by a ranger, havn't been able to test it yet. Crit effect: stun, should be increased/decreased duration with crit/graze, however the effect seems to last 7.5s whenever the shot hits/crits/grazes as well as if the effect hits/crits. Combat log indicates 7.5s for stun under any condition. Is the duration of the effect altered on crit/graze of the effect or the initial hit? Also is this a bug in the application of a duration modifier or simply in the combat log?
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