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Found 6 results

  1. Description: Mindstalker (Beguiler Cipher + Debonaire Rogue) attacks a target afflicted with charm via Whisper of Treason. Sneak Attack's +30% damage successfully applies, since the target was affected by the charm affliction, but Soul Whip only applies its +10% damage, instead of the +20% that Beguilers should deal when attacking Sneak Attack-able targets. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Afflict an enemy with Whispers of Treason on a Beguiler/Debonaire Mindstalker 2. Crit the charmed target with a basic attack 3. Confirm that Sneak Attack applied, since the target was afflicted by a mind affliction (charm) for +30% 4. Confirm that, despite the target being sneak attacked, Soul Whip only applied a +10% damage bonus Attached screenshot shows damage applied by Soul Whip only applied +10%, despite Sneak Attack also being present on the attack at +30%.
  2. Tested with Borresaine, but I'm assuming all stunning enchantments are identical. Screen cap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9072xz6q7xj4g1i/borresaine%20stun%20sneak%20attack%20bug.png?dl=0
  3. The "Ambushing" of Fellstroke should cause +25% sneak attack damage, but the effect is not listed under active effects and does not appear in the combat log, like other sneak attacks. Im afraid that the effect does not work, but it is difficult to test this. So another question: Is it possible to modify a weapon to deal constant damage? That would make it easier.
  4. Dual Wielding "Stiletto" Rogue aka. "Sneak Attack" Rogue, "Crit Monster" Rogue, "Death by a Thousand Cuts" Rogue, "Glass Cannon" Game Difficulty: HARD Class: Rogue Race: Meadow Folk (Additional Accuracy and Damage when below 50% Endurance) - Human (+1 Might, +1 Resolve) (Hearth Orlan is also a good choice for the additional "hit to crit") Background: The Living Lands (+ 1 MIGHT) Drifter (+1 Stealth, +1 Survival) For RP Purposes for my character, I chose Drifter. Choose Laborer, Merchant, or Scientist if you want to start with Mechanics. This Rogue is a Dual Stiletto-wielding Rogue. This build is all about the CRITS, FAST ATTACKS, and DR bypass. You are a Glass Cannon, the main single-target, damage dealer. You rely on Sneak Attack critical damage from your auto-attacks. It is important to keep up Sneak Attack conditions on your enemies for maximum damage, so you need a little help from Wizard's or Cipher's AoE debuffs. Micromanagement is needed if you want this build to be effective. Why STILETTO? Why not Daggers? Stilettos have +3 DR bypass. Daggers have +5 Accuracy. Accuracy is very easy to get using buffs from your NPC companions. Debuffing Deflection is also easy. So Dagger's +5 Accuracy is a little meh. You can get Unique Stilettos very early in the game (Azurieth's Stiletto from Gilded Vale and Oidhreacht from Level 1 Endless Paths). There are only 2 Unique Daggers in the game. You get 4 for Stiletto. Stilettos also benefit from the talent Vulnerable Attack. (3 DR bypass + 5 DR bypass = 8 DR Bypass [11 for Bleak Fang]) Starting Attributes: I've seen builds that are dump stat-ed to death. I didn't want that for my character. I still want to retain a little RP, if you know what I mean. MIG - 20 - I wanted to max this stat for max damage. CON - 8 - I would've dumped this like other people, but I don't want my character to be a complete wuss. DEX - 18 - For fast attacks. PER - 14 - For reasonable Interrupt, Deflection, and Reflex INT - 10 - You really don't need this stat for the Rogue, but I don't want my character to be dumb either. RES - 8 - I really don't need Concentration. For conversation stat checks (INT/RES), wear items and consume food with stats. Also use resting bonus. Abilities Blinding Strike - Debuff for Sneak Attack (Full Attack) Crippling Strike - Debuff for Sneak Attack (Full Attack) Deathblows - x2 Damage on top of Sneak Attack damage. Deep Wounds - Raw Damage over time. Dirty Fighting - For Crits Reckless Assault - For Melee Accuracy and Damage Talents Two Weapon Style - +20% Melee Attack Speed (this balances out the negative from Vulnerable Attack) Vulnerable Attack - +5 DR bypass, -20% Melee Attack Speed Vicious Fighting - For Crits Savage Attack - For Damage Bloody Slaughter - For Crits Weapon Focus: Ruffian - +6 Accuracy Quest-acquired Talents The Merciless Hand - +30% Crit multiplier Gift from the Machine - +1 Might, x1.05 Max Endurance Dungeon Delver - +10% Crit multiplier Song of the Heavens - +1 Perception, +2 DR Shock Blooded Hunter - +1 DR Slash/Pierce, +1 Stealth Galawain's Boon - +1 Might, +1 Athletics Gear (please refer to PoE Wiki for item locations) Weapons Early game Unique Stiletto Azureith's Stiletto - Spell Striking: Jolting Touch: Grants Jolting Touch Oidhreacht - Draining: 20% of Damage restored as Endurance End game Unique Stiletto Bleak Fang - Upgraded to Superb Enchantment, Spell Striking: Touch of Rot, Rending 3 DR Bypass Misery's End - Upgraded to Superb Enchantment, Burning Lash +25% Damage, Vicious +20% Damage against Prone/Stunned/Flanked, Slaying: Vessel Ranged Weapon - for alpha strike Forgiveness - early game Dulcanale - end game Endgame Armor and Accessories Azaalin's Helmet - +10% Crit multiplier Lilith's Shawl (Neck)- +3 Perception, +1 Stealth Gauntlet's of Puissant Melee - +10% Melee Damage Pensiavi mes Rei (Ring) - +3 Might Ring of Thorns - +3 Dex, +5 Reflex, +20 Defense while Stunned/Prone Vengiatta Rugia (Light Armor) - Retaliate, +10% Damage to Flanked, Enchanted +2 to Intellect (Just to increase range of Watcher abilities and debuff durations) Boots of Speed +3 - Move fast, kill fast. Nuff said. Good for scouting too! Belt - You can either use Blunting Belt (+5 Slash/Pierce DR), Belt of Eotun Constitution (+3 CON), or Broad Belt of Power (+2 Might, +2 Resolve). Endgame Attributes Level: 12 Mig: 25 (26, if you choose to sacrifice Eder on the Blood Pool. lel) Con: 8 (11, if I use the +3 CON Belt) Dex: 21 Per: 18 Int: 12 Res: 8 (10, if I use Broad Belt of Power) Endgame Skills Stealth: 8 (2 points are from item and talent) Athletics: 5 Lore: 0 Mechanics: 10 (12, if you have Gloves of Manipulation) Survival: 5 End game character stats: Health 632/632 Endurance 166/158 Damage Primary: 22-31 Pierce Secondary: 22-31 Pierce Accuracy Primary: 84 (90, if with Paladin's Zealous Focus) Secondary: 84 (90, if with Paladin's Zealous Focus) Interrupt 24 Concentration 69 Deflection 46, Fortitude 79, Reflex 96, Will 53 Damage Reduction 10 Slash 16, Crush 13, Pierce 19, Burn 8, Shock 12, Corrode 8 My Character's End Game Personal Record (Click links for party NPC comparisons) Enemies Defeated: 1190 Crits: 2267 Hits: 1881 Total Damage Done: 152977 --- Please feel to comment or criticize. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, in what cases does an enemy count as being flanked? I'm interested in that for using my rogue with sneak attack on flanked enemies. Is an enemy being flanked when he is attacked by one character from front and one additional character from the side and/or behind? Is the Rogue the one doing the flanking, or can someone else do it? How exactly does flanking work with a Ranger + animal companion?
  6. It would be great if someone could shed some light on how Obsidian plans to incorporate this aspect in the game. I always roll a thief/assassin character in cRPGs and I am curious how it will turn out to be in PE. IMHO, BG2 had a very satisfying feel for the assassin - picking the right tools, items and skills, you could one-shot very hard foes before they got a chance to react. After that, you were kind of useless unless you had invisibility potions or items to do another stab, or it was running in the fog to re-stealth. The principle was very good and mostly satisfying but there were some pitfalls PE could learn from - first off, the one that most developers fail at - backstabing being based on weapon base damage / all weapons are equally good at stabbing. This must be avoided as a Staff of the Ram with huge base damage is an optimal backstabbing weapon no matter what. Instead, there should be a hefty bonus for daggers/short swords to make them the ideal weapon for such things. Dual-wielding should also amplify the backstabbing capabilities but should also have drawbacks compared to one-hand attacks. That said, a mace/sword rogue should definitely be a viable path and could have more consistent damage during combat as opposed to daggers that do a big initial burst but then perform worse as the clash stretches out. Another very important part is stealth and the mechanics surrounding it. I believe it's a consensus that the visual/audio hiding/checking should be merged into one, as no one would max one and leave the other low because that would still make sneaking impossible. Trying to go into stealth and "failing" was also mind boggling during the stages where your sneaking wasn't that good, requiring you to just sit there a couple of turns until you finally enter successful, so I think every attempt should be successful, it's just that lower levels would require you to be slower and more prone to detection. Visual cones is something that should definitely affect sneaking, as should walls and items that block vision (like in BG2). It shouldn't be too complicated though, a simple flat detection bonus should be applied if you are sneaking in front of someone as opposed to being behind them. Naturally, distance would factor in a lot as well. Anyway, I'll add more thoughts tomorrow, but feel free to add in or comment
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