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Found 4 results

  1. I'm going to keep the story limited so i'll just not give any background or where i was but i activated a trap on accident and it crit me for 503 damage and maimed me instantly
  2. Description: While in the Dyrford Ruins, I accidentally triggered two traps -- once (stupidly) while in stealth, and once out of stealth. Combat started, one of my characters died, and I got a NameError in the message log in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This really isn't a big deal, but it might be worth looking into. Steps to Reproduce: I can't verify that this works consistently for the two traps in question, because I wasn't able to load a save file where I had not triggered them. When I triggered the traps (the first by opening the container not in stealth mode, and the second by walking over the trap in stealth mode), I saw the NameErrors. Important Files: Unfortunately, I might have screwed up and run the game again, overwriting output_log.txt. I don't know if the NameErrors are in the attached file or not. Sorry about that. screenshots and output_log System Specs: See linked file for system specifications.
  3. So, I have been playing Wasteland 2 mostly enjoying my experience, but I wanted to mention something that seems to bother me now (I assume it didn't before because I don't remember feeling the the white hot rage of simmering disappointment in these particular encounters). Traps. They should make sense. Please. Make them sensible. 1) Don't put an exotic clockwork mechanism that shoots a steel needle covered with an obscure and deadly poison on the drawer to your dresser where Lord Peasantoppressor keeps his knickers. 2) I might buy it once, if the contents of a treasure chest were so dangerous that the mere possibility of me getting my grubby little mitts on it might spell doom for all the realms, but why in the nine hells would anyone put an EXPLOSIVE trap on their VALUABLES (in Wasteland 2 where such explosives are no doubt relatively rare and could be put to better use I find it frustrating, but why would someone do this in a setting where everything everyone owns in flammable?!). Just some thoughts. Traps can add some variety and all for some tension in progression, but adding them just so someone has a chance to use the mechanics skill seems like degenerative game design.
  4. Have lots to say about this but leaving space. In my opinion Rogues should be the best at disarming traps, but if I don't want a Rogue in my party, could there be items or other ways to overcome traps? Could a Fighter or Barbarian be able to stop that boulder rolling towards the party by physically stopping it? Can 2 melee Strength-based characters be able to open doors at the cost of stamina? (Holding up a closing stone door Indiana Jones style~). Could there be some sort of experimental equipment that nullifies poison traps? (gasmask thing, making you able to just walk over Gas traps like it was nothing). What kind of traps will exist in P:E and what kind of mechanics will be used to deactivate traps? Will we see more of a Grimrock style? Pitfalls? Spikes? Arrow shooting traps? Or will it be more in-tune with BG with no "buttons" or similar? Player vs Dungeon. Not really "What enemies are there?" but "What obstacles block the way forward?".
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