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Found 16 results

  1. There is a dungeon as great as Endless Paths in PoE? Or what is the longest dungeon in the game?
  2. I played the game (without white march part 1) and i liked it. Sadly, i've noticed that the best dungeon is raedric's hold in the whole game. There are different ways to break into the castle and there are many ways/paths to move and reach raedric. I think, it's a great example of good level design. Maybe the temple of skaen is non-linear too. Other dungeons are tendentially linear. Honestly, I found Od Nua boring and repetiitive. There is nothing to do except to kill thousands of trash mobs. I don't know if there are non-linear dungeons in white march, but i hope that in fu
  3. The door that leads to the dungeon in my keep is locked. It keeps saying I need a key to open it. I cant access the dungeon, or the endless paths.
  4. I like my dungeon. I can arrest people and just put them there. Why would I want to do that? Well at the moment I'm not sure, it doesn't seem to really be beneficial to me. The main problem that I see with the system, is that I lose out on their loot! So right now, I have to do every fight twice: Once to see if they have loot work killing them for. Once to arrest them if they don't. My solution? A chest in the dungeons that holds their "confiscated goods", so that you don't lose out on potential loot just by roleplaying and not murdering everyone when they surrender.
  5. Hey everyone, ran into my first real problem today, not sure if it's a bug or error on my part. Problem: Geyda, a visitor, came into my stronghold requesting a prisoner to experiment on. However, I do not know how to hand a prisoner over to him. Solutions Tried: 1. Tried to using a prisoner other than Nyrid. 2. Tried talking to the statue, jailer, Geyda (said visitor requesting a prisoner) and tried using the HUD Icon. 3. Tried to rest and come back, but the visitor leaves. 4. Tried leaving the zone and coming back. 5. Tried releasing Nyrid (Hoping he would be released to the Visi
  6. "As the tide turns and the waves roll in across distant shores, the echo of drums can be heard crashing in amongst the waves. A battalion like no man has witnessed this side of the free Palatinate, draws ever nearer. The village stirs as the shrill call of a horn pierces the early morning vale, a sound no one ever wanted to hear again. It marked the end of everything we held dear, of every moment of blood and sweat to carve out but a life for ourselves. In the end, none of it mattered. That morning was the day I took up sword and shield to protect those I could and avenge all that was lost."
  7. I am in the dungeon with the skull thing at the entrance. I have found a bunch of keys but none seem to open the 3 different door to the central room. Is this a bug or am I just too stupid to find the right keys. I have gone through every area in the dungeon holding down tab so I don't think i have missed any lootable items.
  8. I started playing The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. I am not yet certain how much time I will spend in the game and there are grounds for criticism (ask Monte Carlo, who has a valid, understandable dislike for the game already). But for those who are interested, and because having friends in the game increases the fun one can get out of it. Here is a post about what it is: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot It is a hybrid game, combining building a la Dungeon Keeper, with action rpg killing of monsters and looting of loot (a la Torchlight etc (yeah not going to say Diablo ). There a
  9. Hello everyone, I'm writing a couple of thoughts after reading this article published on RPS a couple days ago. To be more specific, these lines: So... my doubts follows: The Dungeon will be fully integrated in the main storyline? Or it will have an own story line wich lead you into and out of the dungeon? For such a huge thing like the Dungeon, having to go in and out soon, pausing exploration to level up, won't it be a little distracting from the main quest-line? I mean, the main concerning should be the main quest-line to me. Having that and the Dungeon quest-line do not risk to
  10. Torches! Do I need to say more? I guess I do. Will there be expendable torches resources for deep dungeoneering and will it be an equipped slot (taking up the Sword slot). Seeing as it is a party game, one character who doesn't do much in battle could handle the light sourcing. Perhaps be able to place flares, or markers in the dungeon (and not only on the mini-map). It'd be easier to make something scary~horror if torches are included. Of course, Wizards should have abilities to light up (Gandalf style) as well as Flame Swords and the like. Thoughts?
  11. I've always liked some good puzzles (such as choosing the right combination to unlock a door), mini challenges (such as selecting one of your characters to beat a series of foes in a sequence of rooms) and labyrinths (both spacial and temporal) inside cRPG's, specially inside dungeons, castles, etc.
  12. Have lots to say about this but leaving space. In my opinion Rogues should be the best at disarming traps, but if I don't want a Rogue in my party, could there be items or other ways to overcome traps? Could a Fighter or Barbarian be able to stop that boulder rolling towards the party by physically stopping it? Can 2 melee Strength-based characters be able to open doors at the cost of stamina? (Holding up a closing stone door Indiana Jones style~). Could there be some sort of experimental equipment that nullifies poison traps? (gasmask thing, making you able to just walk over Gas traps
  13. Purely a discussion thread, this has nothing to do with Project: Eternity as a development. First off, what is Shadowkeeper, DLTCP and NearInfinity? Different modding tools to either enhance or God-mode your game. I found it very interesting to play around with these whilst me and my friend was playing our Baldur's Gate session. I felt as I was the Dungeon Master (giving the party some disadvantages at some points, some advantages). We didn't have a Thief in our party, so I decided to Multi-Class one of my characters into a Thief (Adding our own personal Lore to it, why and how this wa
  14. I've seen a lot of people in dungeon-related threads asking for exits to the surface at every other level. Personally, I think this is a bad idea. In my opinion, the dungeon should be something you should finish once you've started, but obviously not in one sitting (which is why games have a save function). Even if it takes several days, or even more than a week to get through (depending on how often you play video-games). The idea of being able to return to the surface whenever you want willy-nilly to sell loot and pick flowers, before returning later on is ridiculous. It completely u
  15. This fellow comrad over there seemed to ask for one ("Meta-dungeons. I want one. With tunnels."). It stroke me curious. I have played many CRPGs, but this concept, I did not know. It seemed popular enough to be called that way without further explanation, but I could not grasp its meaning. You Americans can be so surprising. I was genuinely curious and it took me some time to realise I misread the title. I had smelt a scent; but *it* wasn't here. Now I'm left alone with it. What is a meta-dungeon? Why or how should Obsidian make one in Project Eternity? Meta is one of these words/p
  16. I'd like to suggest that the Devs strongly consider the PS2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and it's optional Labyrinth of Amala as inspiration for how to best implement the huge mega dungeon. For those that haven't played Nocturne here is a quick overview of how it worked. - The Dungeon first unlocks as a direct result of in game progress however entering it is strictly optional. - The first level of the dungeon is VERY hard for the level it unlocks but entirely do-able. Successfully completing it immediately grants very useful items for that point of the game. However if you wait
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