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  1. Aw, okay.. so I had came across another prisoner that wanted to pay me to let him go- so when Geyda arrived I accepted his payment (Thinking it was part of his earlier bribe, separate from Geyda). Now that I think about it, it might be why I can't sell off Nyrid, because I already accidently sold off the guy I wanted to let go to be experimented on . Thanks for the insight Zornack!
  2. Yeah, this is a known issue- and, if you don't feel like waiting around for a response you can always use the search function to type in keywords-- like "Cipher" or "soul whip". Theres a few threads already open about it- and they even list more items that may break it- you should check it out if you're playing a cipher.
  3. Hey everyone, ran into my first real problem today, not sure if it's a bug or error on my part. Problem: Geyda, a visitor, came into my stronghold requesting a prisoner to experiment on. However, I do not know how to hand a prisoner over to him. Solutions Tried: 1. Tried to using a prisoner other than Nyrid. 2. Tried talking to the statue, jailer, Geyda (said visitor requesting a prisoner) and tried using the HUD Icon. 3. Tried to rest and come back, but the visitor leaves. 4. Tried leaving the zone and coming back. 5. Tried releasing Nyrid (Hoping he would be released to the Visi
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