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  1. Have this, too Without mods (didn't know that there are some).
  2. Hello, thank you, but it is impossible to sneak through these groups. Here is a screenshot of the Bug. He is actually flanked, so add +10 Pleeeaaassseee fix this so that I can go into the Battery!!!!!
  3. Hi, Thx for your answer! Galvinos hut is the site with the constructs. They now have 375 ac. To open the battery it is neccessary to clear the basement?
  4. Hello, I could not open Durgans Battery. I kill anything expect the White Dragon. I put the amboss in the slot. I talked to anyone in the village. Through the bug I cannot kill those Constructs in the basement. Question: Do I need to wait for the patch to be able to kill the iron constructs; Is the last part in this basement? Thank you!
  5. Hello, I play at the hardest difficulty and iron constructs have 175 ac. They are immune to nearly everything and they heal somehow. Can someone help me? I reallay dont know how to beat them. Thx
  6. Hello, Maybe I am blind, but Where can you retrain your Chars? Would have been nice if a popup explains all the changes and, most important, where to find them. Teramond
  7. But please why there is no teleport back after I activated the machine or better a switch with continou playing or end of game? Then you do not tell the end story and just port back to castle. Pleeaassee implement that.
  8. Why ? Qhy isnt it possible to just port us back after activating? If you do a one save game you will not be able to play the new content ? Please fix this as soon as possible!
  9. Hello, I replayed the end of the campagin but after activating the machine it is still the end. How can I play the White march ? Teramond
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