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  1. The new god is the Great Sky Banana. He has finally graced Eora with his presence as he embarks on his quest to enrich kith with everlasting potassium reserves.
  2. Rangers have the highest accuracy in the game (marked for the hunt, accurate wounding shot, concussive tranq, various passives, etc.) so they can easily break the penetration barrier with crits. I use a ranger/monk(wanderer) so in addition to crits, I also have the tenacious buff from monks, which adds 2 penetration (3 extra on crits due to the +50% pen bonus). This allows me to get 21 (11 base, 6.5~7 crit bonus, 3 tenacious buff) penetration on most of my hits.
  3. Make your own duderinos. That way you can have more flexibility with the character classes. The possibilities are much greater this way and it will be more fun.
  4. Damn the robes! I want Sanguine BDSM gear for all my casters Good idea, it would allow so many new builds. Imagine the combinations with "The Lovers Embrace", "Ball and Chain", "Endre's Flog of Obedience", "The Willbreaker"... We would need a new "Lady of Pain" too and there would be an "Ogre Matron Dominatrix Transmuter" So when is the BDSM Island DLC coming out?
  5. I’d like for the discussion to remain on topic so a mod doesn’t shut the thread down. As a reply to Boeroer, I’ll may make a custom adventurer when the DLC comes out and test out one of your builds. They certainly sound interesting, and I’ve always wanted to try integrating a single class fighter on my team.
  6. I don’t think Fighters are bad (as Boroer has shown), but I do believe they are VERY boring as a single class. Perhaps their simplicity is what makes them seem weak?
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