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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3cjpq8pnoumwtu/Laiv%20%283ce85656-0f52-4ba7-8a00-89575d6d8f7c%29%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29%20autosave_1.savegame?dl=0
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3cjpq8pnoumwtu/Laiv%20%283ce85656-0f52-4ba7-8a00-89575d6d8f7c%29%20%28LAX-12ABCDEF%29%20autosave_1.savegame?dl=0 Here is the link from Dropbox.
  3. In First picture you see Serafen as 0/455 health but alive and kicking, moving with me in World. In Second picture you see Serafen in Combat sitting down, able to use my skills plus you see the buffs and health again saying 0/455
  4. Hello guys, i have finished once the game in PotD difficulty and now that expansions are out i want to start again but a bit more challenging this time. I thought about that and said that i would go with a 3man group this time. I wanted to ask about your suggestions, go with the companions the game gives or make my own adventurers? All suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to throw any combinations.
  5. Hello, after some time, before expansions came out i had serafen with 0/455 health all time. players portrait would be red as if he is knocked out but he was pretty alive and kicking. He was able to fight and all that. After last update, Serafen is still 0/455 health. On the deck of my ship he is declared as knocked out. When i move around places he is alive and all but when i enter combat, he goes and sits down, he is alive but also dead. I can use his skills but never he executes them. I can select him, move him around fights but he never starts to fight. Really strange and he is my heavy hitter
  6. I have finished Deadfire but i cant progress to Beast of winter dlc. i dont know if i have to load before Ukaizo or not. tried to go with the Eothas talk again but nothing,
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