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  1. Possibly dumb question, but did you try the DSR in fullscreen mode? I don't believe it functions in Windowed Fullscreen, but does in Borderless/Exclusive. It's weird that it's stuck at 16:9. I have a 1680x1050 monitor and it scales up to at least 3360x2100 which is 16:10 and larger than what you're getting stuck at.
  2. Maybe a dumb question, but if you have an Nvidia card, have you tried enabling DSR factors in Nvidia Control Panel? I can scale all the way up to 4k on a standard monitor with DSR enabled. If it's getting stuck at a smaller resolution, maybe enabling DSR will open up the appropriate resolution options.
  3. I can't tell if something is busted on my end or if this is just how the game looks When characters move between light and dark it looks really unnatural, like the actual skin texture is darkening instead of simply having a shadow cast on it. Is this normal? This isn't some weird racist "I don't want my character to be black" post, its just really jarring and distracting because this isn't how light works. It happens on all characters to varying degrees. I did mess around with a few .ini settings, but I don't recall messing with anything that would alter lighting.
  4. "Xbox Game Pass for PC" Game Pass/Microsoft Sotre never uses exclusive fullscreen in my experience, only borderless. Since it also locks off access to the executable (and with The Outer Worlds actually prohibits you from opening properties via task manager), you can't disable Fullscreen Optimizations or test launch options. NVIDIA Inspector's framerate limiter doesn't work with this game for some reason.
  5. Driver issue. From what I gather some windows update corrupted the display driver and after a clean install supersampling is working properly.
  6. Upscaling is the wrong term, I mean super sampling.
  7. Eh, mentioned this in my thread about screen tearing and windowed fullscreen being borked, but figured I'd make another topic for this. Anyone know how to upscale this game? Adding r.ScreenPercentage to the engine.ini ****s up dialogues and the title screen. Is there another .ini edit that effects... whatever it is that is not scaling to the increased resolution? Setting Resolution3D= in GameUserSettings to anything above 100 doesn't seem to do anything. Picking a higher resolution enabled via DSR breaks the UI. The visual buttons no longer match where you have to click, the locations you need click seem to scale beyond your screen despite the actual interface looking appropriate.
  8. Windowed Fullscreen also seems to have an uncapped framerate... wait? what? I thought Windows 10 DWM automatically implemented triple buffering and vsync on any windowed/windowed fullscreen application unless you really borked with some stuff. Maybe I'm confused.
  9. No matter what I limit my frame rate to, the game has serious screen tearing. Nvidia's Fast Sync doesn't seem to work with the game. DX12? Is there any .ini edit to enable Triple Buffering? Barring those, my normal solution would be to switch to Windowed Fullscreen and allow Windows DWM to do a triple buffering pass itself. It does work here to eliminate tearing, but The Outer Worlds stutters like crazy in Windowed Fullscreen. Is the only solution to play Fullscreen with Vsync on? It causes a lot of input lag even with nvidia's low latency option set to Ultra. Specs: RTX 2080 i7-9700k Edit: Also, just a suggestion, you should allow higher than 100% with the render scaling option for people who would like to upscale. The game doesn't respond well to DSR or .ini edits from what I've seen. DSR completely breaks the UI and r.ScreenPercentage= does upscale but causes some weirdness. Edit 2: To clarify, adding r.ScreenPercentage=X to engine.ini does upscale the game, but causes serious problems in dialogues with textures vanishing on the right side and bottom of the screen -- some sort of overlay/filter seems to still be rendering at your native resolution. I don't really know what to make of it, and don't want to start a second topic, so I'll just ask here if anyone knows how to upscale this game?
  10. Do you have automatic updates turned off or set to a specific time? There's a general issue with steam where DLC will sometimes refuse to install because the game will attempt to update, but won't be able to because downloads are restricted. If that's the case, just enable updates/downloads whatever. Also, POE2 is weird and does launch the game when you install the DLC, but when you close the game again it will show as installed in the DLC panel.
  11. So is this intended behavior? I'm not sure if my game's busted or what. It seems like enabling level scaling increases enemy levels by some arbitrary amount across the board, while downward scaling never seems to occur.
  12. Travel in Neketaka. It was for the "Sealed Fate" quest on the return to Queen's Berth. I was level 6 or 7. I feel like something is busted with my game: If I had level scaling on then the encounter was a combination of 3 skulls or red skulls, so 3+ levels. If I turned off "Only Scale Upwards" it was the exact same. If I disabled level scaling entirely, then it was equal level to me. A similar thing happens with one of he bounties. If I have level scaling on, even with Only Up disabled, then everything in the fight is red skulls. If I disable scaling, then they're mostly silver except for the named target.
  13. Had a real headache from one of the ambush battles where I'm jumped by people walking from location to location that was basically unwinnable for me. A bunch of enemies with 3+ skulls across the board. Though it might be because I was on Veteran so lowered to Classic, still tons of skulls, then finally turned off level scaling completely and the skulls disappeared. Is that what its intended to do? I figured it was meant to bring lower level content up to your level, not your level +5 or whatever? That's not really clear from the tooltip.
  14. Eder in my POE1 playthrough used greatswords and pikes, while Pallegina was my tank. I get it that it's not the most vital thing in the world, but it's annoying and breaks a bit of continuity for me, and it's also INCREDIBLY silly that retraining doesn't just let you change their level 1 options and that turning off auto-leveling doesn't allow you to change it either. So, if I want them to function as they did in the dozens of hours I spent with them in the first game, I lose access to achievements. Uncool. That is all.
  15. The first cloak in the game, the one behind the wall with the gem relief, glitches out and doesn't fit anyone properly. On the map it seems to float above and behind the character, or on Heodan, clips through his body at an angle. I don't know if this extends to all cloaks. Is there a way to fix this?
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