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  1. There should be a arena mode, you can build char and team, choose equipments , and fight random or pre-made enemies. Better than walking into various messy triggers again
  2. my Eder always oneshot dominated Ydwin, no wound, just insta death
  3. Not everyone prefers a face-to-face engagement, the point of a bounty is that they don't usually care how the job gets done as long as it gets done. There's still no comparison though. Assassin = Contract killer for hire, generally employed by private interest parties, operates illegally Bounty Hunter = Contract killer or collector for hire, employed by a government or other legal authority, operates legally Pirate = Self-employed plunderer, marauder and/or murderer, operates illegally and often at the edge of civilization Privateer = Self-employed plunderer, marauder and/or murderer commissioned by a government or legal authority, operates legally Generally "assassin" and "bounty hunter" refer to individuals operating over land while "pirate" and "privateer" refer to individuals operating over sea. What's your point here? Aren't we talking about ingame events?
  4. You are doomed, those areas(old city, undercroft) are completely mess. Maybe dev should separate Botaro's body and cage with other old city maps
  5. Why do you guys compare assassin with privateer? Don't you fight the enemy face to face when collecting a bounty?
  6. Yes, hardest battle for me, Everyone including summoned creatures have been dominated at least once. It seems those fampyrs have passive skill like "dominate retaliate" . And I quite don't understand how that "skill" works, Ydwin whose will defense is 90 got dominated after every attack, but Eder whose will defense is 70 did much better.
  7. VTC and RDC are just economy aspect and military aspect of East india company respectively. They both are imperialist aggressors if in our world. And back to this topic, I feel this quest is poorly scripted. Can't we just open those missives and tell Maia what we think about that? then go for a influence check. That is a more logical way to me.
  8. Is the Kapana Taga a random drop? I killed the Fyrgist yesterday, but the sword wasn't in loot list.
  9. It is, but I don't think it's Maia only. Her quest is super easy to do if you ever get it (I only got it after her disposition dropped to 0). I've just read quest data, it seems no way to prevent the assassination, so I won't do that quest.
  10. Well, now I think arquebus is not a good choice of proficient weapon for MC. There are only four unique arquebuses in game: blightheart: your char can't use it if you don't play those three classes dragon's dowry: too expensive, I'd rather upgrade other weapons or ship first the red hand: no one has found it yet three bells through: no clear info for now in wiki. Some one said it's a reward for Maia's personal quest? I'm 14 level now, and I only have first two. Even before I acquired blightheart, I already got all unique pistols and blunderbusses.
  11. So it seems if you pick up Cornett of the Depths first, then the whole quest, even the whole old city area is bugged
  12. Well, maybe take a wrong turn then have to wipe out entire mad morena's gang
  13. I'm in latest public beta patch ( I went to old city by the cage, got the cornett of depths and kill the big worm, went back to through undercroft and killed everyone there because they instantly went hostile. Then Dereo found me and told me to find another cornett, I told him something like "Ateira attacked me" that I have no idea what I'm talking about. And after I said "Do you want to know...the hidden temple of Ondra that it opened" , the quest is completed and I receive the kitchen stove. But in this time, I didn't even set foot in Serpent's Crown let alone getting the cornett of waves. I believe this quest shouldn't go like that, so can someone tell me the normal walkthrough of this quest please?
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