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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, I know I've been thinking to myself "game's too easy" for a while (playing on veteran), but I just ran into this encounter and I'm pretty tilted right now. Seriously what is the intended level for this encounter? This is in the Sea-Lashed Crypt area on the Splintered Reef island. You run into something like five or six Fampyrs, each takes ages to kill. Well, not so bad when there's one or two of them, but these guys are accompanied by a dozen Risen Marksmen, who are immune to piercing damage and can dish out some pretty good damage at range. I've run into these enemies before, but it has never been this ridiculous. My party are at level 17 right now, and the Fampyrs are level 16-17 too. I used some Svef to get immunity to domination, and they cast Arcane Dampener. What the hell am I supposed to do next? And what in the world is the "Drug Crash" effect anyway??? Each Fampyr can actually dominate TWO of your party at the same time. Even when there's only one Fampyr, it's still basically impossible to interrupt their gaze attack for long. They can do this even when paralyzed (how does that even work anyway???). Now there are half a dozen of them. In this particular area, your movement speed is reduced for some reason (because of the water???). Combined with the web spamming and immobilization attacks, it gets ridiculous pretty fast. Tough encounters are fine as long as reliable counter tools are available, but this is infuriating. What am I supposed to do against these Fampyrs? I have the small shield that I upgraded to give 50% reflect chance against gaze attacks, but it's not that useful since they can spam their gaze attacks over and over. I have exactly three uses of Svef among my party - I have never needed it (or pretty much any consumable) before this point so I don't have it in abundance. So my question for anyone who has beat this encounter: what was your strategy, exactly?
  2. In the Cave of Threshing, when using Accurate Wounding Shot on a stunned Fampyr, my Ranger/Monk gets instantly dominated. I've tried this with both a hunting bow (Frostseeker) and an arquebus (Blightheart). This seems to only happen when using Accurate Wounding Shot; normal ranged attacks and ranged Stunning Blow are both fine. I tried paralyzing the Fampyr as well and the same thing happens. Steps to reproduce the issue (using save file): - Keep everyone in stealth and send the monk (Faerrys) in to engage the Fampyr with an empowered Stunning Surge - After the Fampyr is stunned: use Accurate Wounding Shot with the Ranger/Monk (Sahuani), on Fampyr - Sahuani should be dominated Edit: No matter the status of the Fampyr, Accurate Wounding Shot will instantly trigger dominating gaze. Here's a dropbox link to a .zip file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvivyhfl75202a9/PoE%202%20Fampyr%20Bug.zip?dl=0
  3. Hey guys, I've been having a very specific bug since release (and up to the new DLC's release) and I think I've finally identified why it's happening. Sometimes, when fighting enemies with charm abilities (such as Fampyrs) I've noticed that Chanter summons sometimes appear under the influence of the enemy for no apparent reason. After some testing, I think this only happens when your main character is himself under enemy influence (charmed/dominated) even though your Chanter is not : As you can see on this screenshot, my Wurms are somehow fighting for the other side even though they were summoned by my Chanter (who wasn't charmed during the fight) because my main character (who isn't even a Chanter) is currently charmed. It seems to me like Chanter summons are automatically assigned to whatever "faction" the main character is currently serving, even if the main character is not a Chanter and not the character who summoned the creatures. I have replicated this bug many times, with different parties/saves and against different foes, so it seems to be fairly straightforward.
  4. I have reached the fampyr on level 8. Spoke to him, and nothing happend. No quest progression, no xp, no insight in the diary. Even Kana thought he was dead and did not tell anything. On level 7 I got also nothing from putting the 4 pyramids into the stands. And it happend nothing excluding the now active elemental flames. Link goes to: Save on level 8, half cleared Save on level 8 before Fampyr Save on level 9 after Fampyr http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/BTUoFLuzzJkWkDdG7gaCqSxBRgIVjbtc Output log from a second try, after reporting the double Animat yesterday. Pictures show conversation with Fampyr. System: Linux, Elementary OS Luna (Linux #1 SMP Thu Jun 26 23:14:09 CEST 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux) Player.log.txt
  5. Hello, I have problems defeating Lord Raedric and his Fampyr goons on top of Raedric's Hold as part of the quest "The Champion of Berath". I already turned down the difficulty and tried out different party members and went leveling in the meantime, to no effect :/ Does anybody know any good strategies for this encounter? Thank you in advance
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