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  1. Wind Path Cantor Helwalker/Skald Cantor build Great crowd control and nuking power with good weapon damage on top. Sprint around the battlefield at high speed, incapacitating and dismantling enemies in groups or one by one. Room for exciting variants to suit personal taste/playstyle. Not intended for solo. Introduction: I LOVE the Cantor multiclass. Firstly because it has such an incredible flavour: real monks do chant as part of religious rituals, so the Monk fantasy and Chanter fantasy blend together seamlessly. When it comes to gameplay mechanics,
  2. Hello, today I toyed around with Blightheart again. Usually I consider it for a wizard or paladin/wizard because the lashes on wizard spells are just nice and one of the few ways a wizard can increase spell dmg besides PLs, Overpenetration, crits and MIG (and stuff like Harley and Griffin's Blade). Also lashes are multiplicative dmg bonuses and I don't know any other source of multiplicative spell dmg increase besides PL. Anyway - I wanted to explore the other classes' option further so I tested the individual upgrades for each class Blightheart can have and what excactly they do:
  3. Not sure if this is an actual bug or an intended feature since the game doesn't really explain these things. However on my normal Chanter with no subclass I always start combat with enough Phrases to cast my strongest ability on turn 1. However if I play as a Troubadour or a Beckoner my spells cost an additional Phrase to cast and the UI shows my max Phrases are 4 but I only start combat with 3 forcing me to wait a turn before I can utilize my strongest summon. This kind of awkwardly alleviates itself as you level since once you reach level 3 you will suddenly start combat with 4 Phrases an
  4. Chant glitches are still in game and they happens VERY OFTEN! But here it is, I have a screenshot, savegame and some explanations here. So finally, You will be able to reproduce at least two problems related to that ugly situation. So, please, excuse my English, I am doing my best though and let's get started. Game version: v3.7.0.1318 PX1 PX2 PX4 -steam Game was started and played with Russian localization. Explanation. 1. I retrained Kana, made new chants and named chant "C" as "Ranger" and chant "B" as "Fearless", chant "A" name wasn't touched.
  5. I have started a turn based game after installing PoE II with patch 5.0. My character is a chanter skald. Every time combat starts, my character all ready has 4 chants which means I can start casting invocations right away. Is this right ? In PoE I I had to do some chanting before I could cast any invocation. Being able to cast invocation at the beginning of combat make combat a lot easier.
  6. [CLASS BUILD] The Stress-free Master Evoker/Beckoner Description: This build is intended for people who want to have the most stress-free PotD solo run without being overly cheesy with their strats. This might not have the best DPS or the best survivability but what it does have is sustainability, great survivability and great dps without being too dependent on end-game gear. This build works smoothly from start to finish. Yes, even at level 1. Race: Whatever you fancy but here's a ranking anyway. Honestly, it makes no difference. Remember, 'Stress-free' No.1: Nature Godlike
  7. Rygmrand's "Artist" Class: Spiritualist ( Soulblade/Chanter ) Difficulty: PotD+ Version: 2.1 Solo: Hel Yes DESCRIPTION: A powerful build that snowballs early into a biawac of destruction and test the power of your gaming contraption! Kill your enemies with ice and decay. If you thought Grave Calling/Hel Beckoning's imp route was neat, you're in for a real big treat. Soul annihilating summons all day! RP: A character I imagined who would rise up to be Rymgrand's top agent. (EDIT) Patch 2.1 - Soul Annihilation's killing blow now has been fixed, but the skeleton
  8. Hello. Can You guys tell me how should look good build for solo chanter on potd (ver 3.07)? How should look attributes? Thanks.
  9. "All right stop! Collaborate and listen: Chillfog's back with a soothing bliss, um... something pumps the heals of me nicely flows like pure essence daily and nightly. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know - turn off the lights and I'll glow To the extreme I rock the fight, blow their lights out Light up my stage and freeze d'mobs like a white-out!" - Chillfog himself in his genuine rythmical parlando - "You're as cold as ice you're willing to sacrifice our love you never take advice someday you'll pay the price, I know!" - A Foreigner - ==
  10. For those who don't want to watch the video: Nothing to special here I guess the main point of the video is to showcase the offensive strength of upgraded Eld nary in action vs Ancient Fampyrs and also showing the items and talents I use. Also some explanations how one would defeat BoW which is frost immune, a proof video for this might or might not follow before the release of pathfinder Kingmaker on 25th. (sadly the same day SSS dlc comes out but I highly doubt I will play deadfire ofer Kingmaker.)
  11. Hi All! I haven’t seen much in the way of Spiritualist builds, so I hope this spurs some fresh discussion. This is my first posted build. I have been playing with this build on Veteran and am about halfway through. I have so far found it very fun to play, although it does take a bit of micro. I suspect I could use the AI to run a few things, but paying attention to targeting and tactical placement are still important. If anyone would like to go where I fear and run this on PotD and/or solo please let me know how it goes! Here is my character build detail for the Siren. I hope you all
  12. Hey guys, I've been having a very specific bug since release (and up to the new DLC's release) and I think I've finally identified why it's happening. Sometimes, when fighting enemies with charm abilities (such as Fampyrs) I've noticed that Chanter summons sometimes appear under the influence of the enemy for no apparent reason. After some testing, I think this only happens when your main character is himself under enemy influence (charmed/dominated) even though your Chanter is not : As you can see on this screenshot, my Wurms are somehow fighting for the other side even though th
  13. Hey guys, simple question: When summoning the Ghost Pet (which drains a resource point) and than use a summoning spell from chanter, the pet will be gone. Is it a bug or intended? When intended - whats the reason because everywhere I can read that the ranger is overall a little bit weak compared to the other classes? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, in response to the new update v1.20 which gives us access to a mod manager and makes the integration of custom classes easier than ever, I thought it would be a cool idea for the community to make a library of all the class and subclass ideas they have that could be integrated into the game. One of my favorite things about Neverwinter Nights 2 and other crpgs is the sheer amount of classes and subclasses available for us to choose. While Deadfire has added to the number it never hurts to go the extra mile with mods to tailor your experience. ________________________________________
  15. As far as I know only chanter was able to get it at pl7 (the only t3 inspiration you get this late?) but instead of reworking the tier 3 int, you just downgraded the spell. So now it's impossible to get this inspiration? That expose a problem with the inspiration(and affliction) system, they are not really balanced and need some rework. The t3 INT (brilliant) is op, but a t3 dex is meh. Perhaps perception buff are in the middle? example 'Deleterious Alacrity of Motion' wizard spell : getting a dot for the swift inspiration don't feel a good tradeoff. Perhaps rework swift to give some acti
  16. I always liked the concept of a Chanter in PoE but, somehow, they never clicked well with me due to their invocations and summoning theme. Thus, enters the Bard subclass, a typical adventurer class that uses music to inspire allies or crush their foes. This new bard subclass is closer to the typical Dungeons & Dragons bards, being a jack of all trades. It is still in what I consider a Beta release since I'm testing the class and making tweaks here and there. Some of the new passives will probably be reworked or removed over the development during the balancing phase. I basical
  17. Which invocations, chants you use? My list: (mostly on MC characters) And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon The Shield, it could last forever (refresh). Also safest lv 1 invo Summons, all of them gradually. Generally Sceletors->Wyrms->Ogres. Rejoice, my comrades! Two fingers of daylight, fast heal which dmg enemies. So Singt thy Biting Winds o' Eld Nary, never had time to reach it, but looks good. Set to Their Purpose, They All Knew Their Part, for final boss, so late on MC Chants: Come, Come Soft Winds of Death, as 1st level pick unfortunetly gets outclassed. Ancient Memory +Old Siec Would
  18. Max res, end, and perc, averege might, dump dex, 12 starting int https://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/ultimate_run_successful I'm starting this character, so I plan to post updates here, to see how this plays in group (no solo)
  19. “Say hello to my little friend!” As a bit of a foreword, this build is designed to exclusively use guns with class abilities, even in the tough boss fights. I’ve yet to kill any of the really tough bosses (the Kraken, Adra or Alpine Dragons, Concelhaut, Llengrath) but all the bounties are completed as is the Radiant Spore and Sky Dragon, so being an impatient so-and-so I thought I’d post up the build and I’ll post up details of some of the tough bosses as I go along. I’m just at the Abbey of the Fallen Moon, so I’m also missing Gwyn’s Band of Union for the time being – but it will come sho
  20. Well met, Adventurers! As we mentioned in an earlier post, pricing changes are coming to our store. Why did we decide to make these changes? Several reasons: first, and most importantly, we got feedback from our players (both directly through comments and through watching what is and is not actually being bought), about what items they wanted to see at what pricing. We listened to these comments and made changes we think make sense, while still making business sense for the product. Second, as you know, we recently added new content to the game and will be adding more i
  21. Hey guys, i reinstalled the game after reading the news for game 2 and that the next game will carry over ur character to next game, so i started a new game but i discovered my last save game was still there, so i started a new game with only created toons, my party so far: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85505-class-build-hungry-like-the-wolf-spiritshift-aggro-druid/ https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88458-class-build-the-yellow-flash-riposte-offtank-rogue/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85505-class-build-hungry-like-the-wolf-spiritshift-aggro-druid/ (MC) http://forums.obs
  22. So I have decided on a MC for my canon run that I will port over to Deadfire. I am going to play a tank chanter with high might to melt foes with Dragon Thrashed, and was wondering about a few things. 1) I want to take Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, and Kana since they are likely to play a big role in the next game. Any suggestions as to builds for them? I was thinking Eder as Lady of pain, and Aloth as a blaster, but Pallegina and Kana both throw me off. Maybe Kana as more of a ranged support/buffer, as I won't be using many of the buffs? 2) If Kana comes with, do chants stack, or should I dive
  23. "He got a vision. Everything was in flames" =================================== The Boreal Thrasher =================================== Difficulty: PotD v. 3.0+ -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Chanter -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Boreal Dwarf -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Living Lands - Explorer -------------------------------------------------------------- The dwarf inside Maegfolc Skull Stats: MIG: 21 CON: 19 DEX: 2 PER: 15 INT: 18 RES: 3 -------
  24. The last time I played a chanter, earlier last year, I encountered the save bug in which saving a loading took increasingly longer amounts of time, to the point at which it became unwieldy, and I haven't played a chanter since. I am interested in trying the class again, and am thus wondering if this bug has been fixed. I am playing what I believe to be the latest version of the game, 3.05.
  25. Hello folks. I don't really have much experience with PoE yet other than blasting through it right now on hard with the default companions. I'm not too far into the game but so far it seems a tad too easy. I was thinking of starting an alternate playthrough with a solo character on POTD. I know there are builds out there but it kinda looks like most of them are outdated so I thought I'd ask you guys for some help / recommendations. The classes I'm taking into account are rogue and chanter. Maybe ranger if you convince me but I'd really like the build to be melee. Not really a fan of wi
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