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  1. Funny, I had some bizarre ending slides for Xoti when I was intentionally romancing her that may be due to Eder having high reputation with her also. In one of my slides for her apparently I encouraged Eder and Xoti in a romantic relationship I was like wait what? And then immediately the next slide was the one that you get when you romance her and she remains your girlfriend. I do remember having a chat with Eder about his insecurities with Xoti but it didn't seem to be about romance to me so I encouraged his interaction with her although I did also discourage Xoti from trying to flirt with Eder when she asked the watcher for some advice. Perhaps that counts as encouraging them in a relationship even though I end up locking into a relationship with Xoti afterwards as I progressed the story so it's still really hard to say whether its a bug or some weird feature where she can end up with more than one partner but the ending slides I got for her was interesting nonetheless.
  2. I don't exactly know how to get the ending the OP is talking about for Pallegina, but I would imagine it would have something to do with keeping Castol as the director and not framing him. However I am not sure how to achieve this while supporting the Huana as that is part of the questline, but I will do some experimenting when I reach that part of the game again on my current play through since apparently that ending does exist so there must be someway to achieve it.
  3. From what I understand, you can still only empower once per encounter but the empower point is returned to you which means that you don't have to rest to replenish said points.
  4. Found a typo on the Squid's Grasp weapon description, Royal Deadfire Company became Royal Deadfire "Comapny" pretty funny though. Here is a screenshot:
  5. For me I had no issues, she was in so you should go there and check if yngfrith is there if not well, it does sound alot like you are experiencing a bug.
  6. So I had the same problem and at first thought I somehow misunderstood the effect and tried to post in the builds and strategy section of the forum, but it seems this might be a bug. I did the same thing you did to test it out, I gave it to another one of my chanter companions and it returned the Empower point initially but every subsequent battles afterwards it would fail so I opened the Character Sheet and noticed the "Refreshing Finale (Sasha's Singing Scimitar): +1 Empower points" under current effects and that my Chanter watcher main has "Sasha's Singing Scimitar: +1 Empower points" also as a permanent effect even though the weapon wasn't even equipped. My guess is that this is probably what is causing the bug but anyways I've attached some photos on what I am talking about and hopefully someone can take a look at this.
  7. So I've been using the scimitar on my Chanter main and I've enchanted the weapon with the effect that returns to me an empower point back every time I empower an invocation, however I don't seem to get it to work anymore. The first time I got the effect to work was on my drake summon invocation and it seemed to work it gave me back an empower point but since then every battle I've been it hasn't been giving me an empower point back no matter what invocation i try to empower. I thought perhaps it was a once per rest thing even though it doesn't say so and so I tried resting a few times and try again but still no dice. The description of the Refreshing Finale enchant reads "Empowering an Invocation returns 3 Chanter Phrases and a 100% chance to return an Empower Point." Is it suppose to be a one time thing or is there something I'm not getting from this? Update: So I did some testing, and now I am pretty sure this is a bug. I equipped the scimitar to a chanter companion and same thing happened, the first time I empowered a invocation with the weapon equipped, it gave me back a empower point but any subsequent battles afterwards, it wouldn't work anymore. So I opened up the character sheet for the companion and noticed "(Refreshing Finale) Sasha's Singing Scimitar: +1 Empower Points" under Current Effects which appears after activating the effect for the first time. I went to check the Watcher's Character Sheet and noticed "Sasha's Singing Scimitar: +1 Empower Points" under Current Effects even though the weapon wasn't even equipped. I reloaded the saves and notice now both characters now have "Sasha's Singing Scimitar: +1 Empower Points" with or without the weapon equipped and the Refreshing Finale abilities doesn't proc. So unless that is a feature with this weapon, I think this should be moved to the technical support forum but I'm not sure how to do that. Should I repost this topic under technical support or can some mod move this over?
  8. So I just finished a Principi quest called however I didn't receive another quest from the NPC. Now I am still very early in the main story so I just wanted confirmation of whether I was suppose to receive the next Principi quest immediately and I've ran into a bug or it was due to me not being far enough in the main quest line. I would really appreciate anyone who can reply or help me because I am already at my wit's end.
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