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  1. Oh thanks haha. I suppose I'll save that for when I play someone who actually uses swords. As for Aloth, I might as well give up then since I apparently cannot get his approval over 0 even when avoiding all the fun convo options that cause him to groan. *weeps* The mind boggles as to how the OP got it to +2 early on *mouth hangs open in awe* Sorry for an unbelievably late reply! But yeah, I think I just got pretty dang lucky, especially because I didn't get the frozen reputation bug. I did keep him in my party 100% of the time and my diplomacy is through the roof, so I guess he enjoys when the Watcher smooth-talks their way out of conflict. I do have to be dodgy in order to keep is rep at 2 though. I remember asking Xoti if she would ever stop gathering souls (I was just curious!) and he instantly plummeted to 1. I love him, but he sure is a grumpy little man.
  2. I have no idea which forum to drop this in as I don't know if this is a bug, so hope it's cool if it goes here? So my Watcher is definitely not in a relationship with Xoti... least as far as I know. I romanced Aloth pretty dang early on and I've tried like hell to dodge all remotely flirtatious dialogue with her to avoid the Dragon Age Origins-esque "we're in love now right?" situation. Still, there's companion banter triggered where she's all like, "I always sleep well with the Watcher around, that's for sure!" (to Aloth so yeah, extra awkward). Her personal quest also had this unavoidable scene where she gets all flustered about my dude. Guess what I'm wondering is, is she supposed to be like this? Is Xoti just inherently crushing on your character? I could see that making sense, but rather be safe than sorry and run it by y'all. I'm unreasonably paranoid that some weird bug is gonna kick in to make it so she was my true love all along or something. You never know, man. You never know.
  3. I had to reload a save to figure this out (RIP my 2 hours), but the dialogue with Orron will show up if you speak to Seduzo in the right order. DON'T immediately ask Seduzo what she's doing in Neketaka. Ask for Biha's passage first, then obviously the stuff about securing the other children. That'll allow the Watcher to properly ask her about Orron, then whaddya know, Orron's full dialogue pops up when you approach him. Hope that works for you guys.
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