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  1. Ah it seems like maybe I just had the bug where buttons become unresponsive until you restart the game.
  2. Ah. So the leave to sea button didn't work, but pressing escape to remove the city overlay did work, and suddenly I could sail away. A tiny bit weird, but I'm happy now
  3. So, I bought a new ship, but can't get it to work. 1) Moved all the crew from the defiant to the new one (I've definitely got enough crew members.) 2) Moved all the gear. 3) Select it as active ship. But I can't leave the harbor... Is there something obvious I'm missing?
  4. ...Also I'm pretty sure I did all of the old city, including finding the hidden money, and nothing opens up new choices.
  5. Yeah, as Spooty, I don't have any options to talk to Orron about the ship at all. I just had my first conversation with him, and there's nothing ship related mentioned at all. Meh.
  6. Yeah, this makes kinda no sense. I tried to use the crew-damaging shot a lot, and got them down to 1 crew. Then I board and there's 12 of them that kicks my rear.
  7. My question is about the quest, hiding it behind a spoiler tag.
  8. I can tell you that I met her at a different place, and she joined me. And I recreated my legacy too, and did the same choice.
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