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  1. Hi Wolf, Sorry, I didn't save it. If I see it again during my 2nd playthrough I'll make a new post (?). Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or if I just can't find it. Trying to complete the mission "Bounty - Flamewalker Vessali" I had received the quest from Nungata in Serpent's Crown I've killed Vessali, but haven't been able to find Nungata in Serpent's Crown. I thought perhaps that NPC would spawn at a different time in the day, but that has not been the case. If the NPC spawns at a very specific time point, then it might be helpful to include that information in the quest log. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure this is a bug and that the NPC is missing.
  3. I get the following prompt: A merchant hails you at sea with an offer of trade I hit "Attack" Then nothing happens. The combat music comes on, but I'm not in battle. I return to being able to move about normally again. EDIT: Attacking a different merchant ship worked fine.
  4. BUG 1: He keeps fighting me even after he yields When fighting with Scyorielaphas (what a mouthful) in the Guild Ruins under the Watershapers' Guild, after I force him to submit to me by bringing his health low, the fight continues even if I don't hit the Attack button. Sequence of events (I don't recall, precisely, but): 1. I convince the dragon to let me siphon a part of his essence to keep the watershapers' powers up 2. I decide to trick him and strengthen the wards instead 3. The fight initiates when I strengthen the second ward (also Galawain's pissed at me) 4. I bring the dra
  5. Bentbranch Bog (on the island with Sayuka) has a fog of war that resets every time I enter or reload the save. Another thing is that corpses here once looted don't lose their blue color?
  6. Description: When talking to Weto at Sayuka, there appears to be a missing dialogue after I finished my interactions with Weto and Tipa. States: "Missing String 66" See attached photo!
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