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  1. Hi Wolf, Sorry, I didn't save it. If I see it again during my 2nd playthrough I'll make a new post (?). Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or if I just can't find it. Trying to complete the mission "Bounty - Flamewalker Vessali" I had received the quest from Nungata in Serpent's Crown I've killed Vessali, but haven't been able to find Nungata in Serpent's Crown. I thought perhaps that NPC would spawn at a different time in the day, but that has not been the case. If the NPC spawns at a very specific time point, then it might be helpful to include that information in the quest log. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure this is a bug and that the NPC is missing.
  3. I get the following prompt: A merchant hails you at sea with an offer of trade I hit "Attack" Then nothing happens. The combat music comes on, but I'm not in battle. I return to being able to move about normally again. EDIT: Attacking a different merchant ship worked fine.
  4. BUG 1: He keeps fighting me even after he yields When fighting with Scyorielaphas (what a mouthful) in the Guild Ruins under the Watershapers' Guild, after I force him to submit to me by bringing his health low, the fight continues even if I don't hit the Attack button. Sequence of events (I don't recall, precisely, but): 1. I convince the dragon to let me siphon a part of his essence to keep the watershapers' powers up 2. I decide to trick him and strengthen the wards instead 3. The fight initiates when I strengthen the second ward (also Galawain's pissed at me) 4. I bring the dragon's health low enough to prompt a conversation where he yields 5. I DON'T attack him, intending to strengthen the wards again 6. He continues to attack me anyways During one of my replays of this fight, the delay between bringing the dragon's health low and prompting the dragon's conversation is great enough that I manage to land the killing blow before he yields. My initial hypothesis was that maybe the delay between landing the hit that brings the dragon's health low and prompting the conversation was enough time that additional damage (such as from hostile effects or from another companion) would cause the dragon's to continue to be aggressive. This hypothesis was proven wrong when I carefully controlled to make sure that there was no damage being applied to the dragon except for the one that would cause the prompt. So no idea what's going on here =) BUG 2: Wards get destroyed During the fight, two of the wards accidentally got destroyed, making it impossible for me to strengthen them all after he yields (although I have no idea how I got him to not be aggressive towards me - see bug 1) Hope this was descriptive enough!
  5. Bentbranch Bog (on the island with Sayuka) has a fog of war that resets every time I enter or reload the save. Another thing is that corpses here once looted don't lose their blue color?
  6. Description: When talking to Weto at Sayuka, there appears to be a missing dialogue after I finished my interactions with Weto and Tipa. States: "Missing String 66" See attached photo!
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