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  1. The only thing I've noticed is that they are out of order on the bottom of the screen. I thought that the order in formation was supposed to be similar in the order they are on the bottom of the screen left to right, Eder is always first on the left, but then Aloth somehow is second or Maia, sometimes... Just doesn't make sense. I thought the order on the bottom of the screen would be similar to the order of formation. Have your characters changed order at the bottom of the screen? Formations are set by character order, not by the characters themselves.
  2. Now and then, I find my custom formation changed. I always use Eder in front, myself right behind, then Xoti and the other 2 behind her on the sides. Sometimes though, formation changes without me doing anything, and it can be whoever in front, sometime Aloth, sometimes Xoti, it's like they get too brave or something... But yeah, it's a bug.
  3. Adds some immersion... If they didn't talk to each other and didn't react to each other's comments, it would make them less 'human' and more like pixels... you know... it adds to their personality and helps us to treat them more like actual characters and less like computer graphics.
  4. Could be something to do with this: "Some afflictions make it impossible for a character to Engage an enemy. All Strength Afflictions prevent the target from Engaging anyone, as well as Paralyze, Petrified, or Prone effects. Each of these effects will automatically drop Engagement and can be used to get out of trouble."
  5. I have that hat and been wearing it since the game start. I don't need any other hat. Arrrrgh!
  6. I did not need to modify anything so far. Playing on classic and its fine. I may need to reload here and there but in most cases it's because I didn't know what was to come, quick reload if I feel that I am not going to pull it off, distribute few potions, select correct weapon type - and boom, encounter completed with full health. I recently met a 3 story tall automaton, while investigating the quest island and had to reload because things seemed very dire. I was using a wrong weapon (what much can the sword do against the metal), didn't have appropriate potions distributed, so when 3 out of
  7. Which CPU and GPU do you have, you might want to post that info for devs. Sounds like a bug related to specific hardware, since you don't have this issue in other games. I would also post your dxdiag file for them. All my other games run fine, this bug is unique to PoE2 Ill try that out with the overclocking and see what happens. I think Ive tried every graphical setting in game to no avail, default or otherwise. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Really? I played the game for 14 hours and I spent talking maybe 2 in total, the rest I was exploring islands, ruins, plundering merchant ships, upgrading and training my own ship crew, looking for new equipment, doing cool quests and buncha things I can't remember, since there was so much stuff to do... We must be playing different games... Or it just shows how versatile and nonlinear POE2 can be, or it can be as nonlinear as you make it. It also sounds as if you got on a hype wagon with other people, and you were never really a fan of the CRPGs before...
  9. in case you OC something, disable overclocking on both CPU and GPU and try agaiN, also reset the graphics game settings to default and compare to other games, if you have same issue in other games, you may have a dmged GPU.
  10. Yup, one of my points. I kill their crew with cannon balls, to make the boarding easier, but somehow they all get resurrected, during the boarding fight. I guess that is the only way they could "balance" this? Can anyone confirm if this is still the case, when you play on lower than Classic difficulty? I read on Backer forums that this naval combat left hoping for a lot of improvements and was sorta rushed out of the door.
  11. Sailing around is not a 'pirate thing'. If you want a pirate thing, I have two that really ticking me off. One - your single pirate recovery will cost you about 8 medicines per day, so you get bad injury 10 day recovery - 80 medicines (out of 100 available) - GONE, then you have to pay thousands of coins to restock your medicines. Maybe it's ealry start, and it seems astronomical, but considering that ship upgrades cost up to 64K, I don't see us getting any reach. Another thing - this is one for a real pirate - board enemy ship, kill all their crew, and you get the same salvage reward as if yo
  12. Ship boarding is fun, but after the battle on the enemy deck is over, the outcome makes 0 sense. So I board the 6 cannon ship, I kill the enemy ship crew... and I don't get to salvage their ship? This is a HUGE part of the minigame that is left out. I mean the ship upgrades cost thousands and tens of thousands, but after I board the enemy ship and kill the crew, all I get is couple of their cannons, some provisions and go back to my crappy small ship? They could at least give me more booty, if I boarded the ship and won. Speaking logically, one thing on the sea, if you destroy the body of the
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