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  1. I personally preferred the POE1 system, that being said i don't think one system is better than the other, it's a matter of preference really : Some people want to be able to use their high level spells or ability often. It makes no sense to them to gain those abilities and then rarely be able to use them. This lead to them having to rest often in POE1, which was tedious. POE2 per encounter system also makes the whole balancing act much easier because developers roughly know how many resources the player has for any given encounter. Some people, like me, actually like the attrition game. It can be fun to try and "solve" most encounters with as little resources as you can. You essentially try to make the most out of every spell or ability. It also makes those big spells that much more impressive when you actually get to use them. Those people didn't find the resting system in POE1 to be a chore, because they didn't rest much anyway.
  2. You can buff your accuracy with spells like Devotion of the Faithful, also enemies usually will have at least one low defense that you can easily target.
  3. You cant, once you finish the last quest you're done and you can't go back to the world.
  4. I second that, i used it as an opener on many many fights due to it's huge radius. I also like "call to slumber" and "curse of the blackened sight" is always usefull as it target will defense. Ninagauth shadowflame is also incredible.
  5. I don't get your point. Wizards aren't great only because of the lv 9 spells, as soon as they get access to lv 3-4 spells they melt faces. Hard. Maybe i love the class too much but wizard is the only class i would always include in every party, unless i deliberately want to gimp myself. Of course, until difficulty is being fixed, you could ace potd with any party, but hopefully that'll change.
  6. I have to agree that the whole romance thing in deadfire felt terrible. There's no need for romance options in a crpg, so if you're going to half a$$ it, just don't do it at all. Other than that i'd say a lot of us are being harsh with deadfire because we expected so much, but it is a good game at its core and i'm confident a lot of its flaws will be polished in time.
  7. Wow that sounds insane ! I hope you will come up with interesting ideas with lower level spells as well, i will definitely try your mod out. Edit : I just installed your mod, seems to work just fine. I tried "Temporal Acceleration", this is pretty fun, insanely OP, but fun.
  8. Since you can cast spells with no restriction whatsoever outside combat, that would only mean you have to cast a few heals after each fight, which doesn't make the game harder, just more tedious.
  9. I haven't installed your mod yet but i'm curious about "Temporal Acceleration" : does it only gives the Swift inspiration as in +5 dex ? Because that sound pretty weak for a lv9 spell, even if it's an almost instant cast with no recovery.
  10. You do have some points and it's been discussed in many threads. The rogue skill tree could use an overhaul. But i think they're actually already very fun to play with due to their very high mobility and their ability to turn invisible. I'm micro-ing my rogue a lot more than my warrior tank who just "stands there".
  11. I'm not saying priests are not in need of a buff, but part of the problem is also how easy the game is and how unnecessary most buffs / debuffs are. They do have some really good spells, aside from the lv4 ones which we can all agree are really good : suppress afflictions, iconic projection, dire blessing, despondent blows, champion's boon, both "pillar" spells, symbol of eothas, shields of the faithful etc. But with most of those spells being so long to cast and combat being so easy to begin with, why even bother ? Just cast DotF and you're good to go.
  12. I never played a ranger so i can't compare, but single class rogue is actually really strong. Sure there aren't many active skills worth taking, but you're very mobile and you have incredible single target dps. Multiclass rogue can't pick the OP gambit skill, they also have a lower sneak attack due to lower class level. So it's fine to multiclass rogue, but i wouldn't say single class rogues are disappointing at all. It's just you end up picking a lot of passive skills.
  13. So in POE 1 this turned Paladins from a good support tank to face melters. I have not gotten that far what changed? It does x fire damages to enemies and approximately twice that amount to the paladin himself as raw damages, so you will kill yourself real quick when you use it. I think the radius is also smaller than it was in PoE 1 but i could be wrong about that.
  14. When my warrior tank has 127 deflection unbuffed and a zillion engagement slots and puts anyone who try to disengage on its a$$, i'd say the accuracy / deflection game is a bit rigged. Once i pop refreshing defense / disciplined strikes, i can just charge into any group of enemies, never get it and knocked them down if they ever try to move. Also the enemies' strategy (AI) is just bad. They could be a lot more annoying if they acted smart. Rogues enemies for instance could easily and efficiently focus your backline, to the point that any encounters against rogues would be a huge pain.
  15. What would be the point of reaching your max level when there's pretty much nothing else to do ? You would never get to play with those new abilities / spells anyway.
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