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  1. I hope PoE3! -[Hachiko mode - ON]
  2. At last! : "FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs." - god bless! Good path, check in the evening. My body ready to dlc 2
  3. Awesome, keep going! please increase level cap More armor models please! (and mage cloths @_@ example: like Aloth personal robe, but different variation) Improve this awesome game, i believe, you can!
  4. Ok. Very sad, DLC is so short. Island small :[ I still did not see snowfall :[ Main quest - 3 different time-lines just awesome! New armor - cool, but i don’t see new robes :/ New "item for grimoire slot" sorry, i don’t play in eng. version - exactly what is needed for not a wizard class. (need more kind item in basic game) waiting next DLC, good work! Keep going!
  5. Always trying to create portrait similar as a character face. (is felt… full character) Sadly, in game portraits no a variant with (my favorite) beautiful horns (more face for godlike!) Sо i use simple photoshop. Also, "white" elves look great.
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