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  1. Just make PoE-III But - Avowed....oh FP-RPG........................ ( . _____ . ) "I hope, someday, i can continue played moon godlike with tomahawk hair style, and gather a party, in beautiful (and more empruwed) isometric RPG"
  2. Same. I really want continuity or new story, but in world PoE - moon godlike just awesome. @_@
  3. At last! : "FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs." - god bless! Good path, check in the evening. My body ready to dlc 2
  4. Awesome, keep going! please increase level cap More armor models please! (and mage cloths @_@ example: like Aloth personal robe, but different variation) Improve this awesome game, i believe, you can!
  5. Ok. Very sad, DLC is so short. Island small :[ I still did not see snowfall :[ Main quest - 3 different time-lines just awesome! New armor - cool, but i don’t see new robes :/ New "item for grimoire slot" sorry, i don’t play in eng. version - exactly what is needed for not a wizard class. (need more kind item in basic game) waiting next DLC, good work! Keep going!
  6. Always trying to create portrait similar as a character face. (is felt… full character) Sadly, in game portraits no a variant with (my favorite) beautiful horns (more face for godlike!) Sо i use simple photoshop. Also, "white" elves look great.
  7. More snow and mountains! Create own live camp / village (differents style – war camp/trade and ect) Maybe caravans system and just small ship system explore couple of island Harder environment! Snowfall, thunder in the woods near mountains. Add resources for survival Oh just imagine…
  8. 1 - more goodlike faces when 2 - more robe variation model when 3 - more customization ship when
  9. Ok, maybe in next patch add opportunity to change hair-style for sidekicks, like a main character? ;]
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