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  1. None, because why would you subject one of your friends to such a horrible, painful fate just for small personal benefit?!
  2. I think the Adra-Infused Duelist Inquisitor build isn't correct. It links to the other Inquisitor build in the list, the Redeemer.
  3. You know, you could add a little in-universe flourish and call it "The Black Mohorā" too! That'd be cool!
  4. I've been wondering how to build Aloth in Deadfire. From what I understand, wizards are a class that DOES have strong benefits for staying single-class, namely some VERY powerful spells in the top tiers. On the other hand, multiclassing is pretty darn fun, and some companions can become quite powerful when they multiclass, as Pallegina and Tekehu demonstrate in the excellently written Tuono e Fulmine and Tāwhirimātea, The God of Storms builds (P.S. You're awesome Ascaloth!). So...what about Aloth? Is it better to keep Aloth as a single-class wizard? Or would it be better to convert him to a Battlemage (multiclassing him with Fighter) or Spellblade (multiclassing him with Rogue), and if so which of the two multiclasses is better?
  5. Lately I've gotten the itch to play Star Wars: DroidWorks again, a game I greatly enjoyed when I was younger. Unfortunately, this game is at least 20 years old by now! :smalleek: I know with the power of emulators and stuff old games may be played on a computer, but I've also heard that DroidWorks has problems that even using an emulator can't fix if the computer runs over 100 Mhz (i.e. any modern computer like mine), but also there seems to be folks on the web who say they can get it to work, so I'm left confused in the middle. Could I somehow find and get this game to work via emulators and enjoy it again, or is it simply too old to work without buying a used copy, rebuilding an old computer and finding an old copy of Windows 95?
  6. Let's also not forget that the very idea of fighting Rymrgand to get out of his realm is something most kith wouldn't comprehend as an option. I mean, you're in the physical presence of the divine, in the heart of his own realm. If it were any other mortal in that position, they'd immediately bow down and beg for his mercy, no matter how cruel, and that's what Rymrgand expects you to do as well. But the Watcher is no ordinary mortal. Whether because returning from death has dispelled the fear of the end for them, their being on first name basis with the pantheon has made them realize they're not as impressive as they boast, or because the Watcher is JUST. THAT. CRACKED. They're the only one who's seen outside Eora's current paradigm and thus can create a solution Rymrgand doesn't expect. It's almost like the Gordian Knot story, in a way. Dozens of kings fail the challenge because they think the knot HAS to be taken apart by hand, and Alexander the Great wins when he realizes "that isn't the only option" and just cuts it in half with his sword. So too in Beast of Winter: Rymrgand says "Serve me and you can leave, or stay here forever," and the Watcher simply asks "Why don't we just fight for it?"
  7. Mail armor that looks like you don't bother to keep it clean (like The Bloody Links) or stolen from your companions (like Serafen's Padded Mail or the Vestments of Gaun)!
  8. From what I've heard, basically you have can't have Vatnir come with you AT ALL for him to lead Harbinger's Watch as a peaceful port. Whether in the DLC or afterwards. If you let Vatnir join your party at any time, you're locked into the privateer ending, and the best outcome is to persuade the other Harbingers to abandon the temple and go home.
  9. Here's the important question, then. What does Voidwheel LOOK like? If there's one thing I've learned from these forums, it's that the icons don't really capture what the weapon looks like in person.
  10. Thanks again, this is super helpful! If I want to hold another weapon beside Firebrand (like, say the Whispers of the Endless Paths or the Twin Eels), could I get away with it, or should I be ALL FIREBRAND ALL THE TIME?
  11. Nah Consulars are common even outside of EU. They are officially more of the Old Republic thing, though. But current canon goes way beyond the mainstream movies. Okay. I was just kiddin' around!
  12. Quick question regarding the Blade of the Endless Paths and Whisper of the Endless Paths in both Deadfire and PoE1. I've heard conflicting reports that not finding the pieces of the Blade of the Endless Paths aboard your ship in Deadfire is a bug or not. I was under the impression that the pieces of the Blade, along with those of the Whispers of Yenwood, were in your cupboard if you recovered both weapons in Pillars of Eternity at some point. The Fextralife article here, however, seems to indicate that you have to deliberately fail the Blade of the Endless Paths task and not reforge the sword so you get the pieces in Deadfire, and if you DO reforge the sword in the first game, it's lost forever. So...which is it? Is this a bug or a feature? I want to know before completing the first game, so I know whether I have to fail the quest or not. I'm a bit of an obsessive completionist, so the idea that I can't get the Whispers of the Endless Paths if I'm too thorough with doing quests in the first game bugs me, to say the least!
  13. A solid suggestion, though at this point we're getting into Star Wars Expanded Universe semantics. Most people just know Jedi as Knights and haven't heard of Consulars! Beguiler DOES look interesting, especially for mind tricking. I was thinking about replacing one of these Cipher powers with Mental Binding, as it's been the Cipher power I've used the most in the first game. I may also want to look into Valorous Echoes and Ancestor's Memory to buff my allies. What say you?
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