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  1. Maia, Maia, Maia... what would I do without her? She is prominent in my team, her exclusive use of legendary and enhanced Dragons Dowry; either double shot, heart seeker or tranc brain shot... whatever fits the situation... Shooter's hat, accuracy ring, etc... She is my over-watch enforcer and has saved the team's bacon many times... She is deadly, precision and has almost the most kills (my pure rouge has that dubious honor) Maia's backup is dual legendary sabers, each enhanced and of course she is dual-wield enhanced... Anybody who wants to close and get personal with her quickly regrets it. I have yet to further explore some of the legendary bows... but not with Maia, but with an elf based (TBD) player... I really like POEII Deadfire and the flexibility, the ability to create specialist tacticians in all disciplines, some multi; magic, tank, etc... and even diplomacy, just mix and match for the situation, match with added tactics... (that's another story altogether). Change it up every time. Off subject; Having a spate of "Missing DLC" errors on some of my saved games, rendering them completely useless... This in a late model high memory "Clean" iMac" without any mods...etc., No one seems to know anything about this.... supposedly happens with the PC users a lot...
  2. What platform? What Operating system? How much system memory? Is your system protected by a decent anti virus program and regularly updated? I.e., is it "clean"? As above, are all drivers updated to latest? Etc., etc... Let us know and we'll see... if we can help. MD
  3. It's tactics... Normally, I would have deployed Maia in "Overwatch" using her (legendary) Dragon's Drowry in twin-strike picking off enemies as needed... but at the Sacred Stair, she goes in, dual-weapon, melee-style much quieter... just like my rogue. I also back my wizard into the left side in the alcove away from the sight line of the guards. I position each player adjacent to each of the party members and strike each quickly with a huge blow... It's over quickly... very. Same goes for the Imp - I agree, positioning members out on the pier, again, no noise (bombs or gunfire) just devastating, incapacitating blows... all of this on turn based... the guards just stood there... preparation is everything.
  4. Yes, Rekke, a very good and effective fighter, he has at times made many interesting comments... I purposely equip him with Lord Darryn's Voulge, I consider him to be a valued member of the team... I usually combine Rekke with Eder for situations requiring a overwhelming "tank" attack.. The trick is, knowing where Rekke as well as that great Voulge are located. When I replay, I carefully venture out to get Rekke and the Voulage... they are not randomly located... but carefully placed. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. "No good deed ever goes unpunished..." What a coincidence, after posting a "help" on Mac DLC location, I open my program to find all of them missing within one game, they are in the others, no issues...
  6. OK I opened POE II this morning with all DLC's Packs, etc, almost to lower bowels... Everything just fine... now my load menu says "Missing DLC" above each save... Go figure? Anybody seen this before?
  7. On the Mac, DLC's are purchased within the App Store... so do a search for "Pillars of Eternity II" - it takes you to the core app. You can then see, "open" -- click that to find what you are looking for the MacPlay menu, i.e., "In-App Purchases", just under "Play". Sorry for the fuzzy image, I had to dumb this down to get small file size... showing a compendium of the core app and the MacPlay menu... Let us know how this goes... MD
  8. Okay, thanks for the replies... she's just a "stub", a placeholder most likely, most likely was planned for something but was cut off. King's Coffin is essentially useless... other than rescuing a sick guy, Maneha is drinking in there but she stays put and has a go-nowhere hello..., thought there might be "more" to the story. The developers are too quiet on this one... Why go to the trouble to name her The Demon? how about, "half-sauced customer?" Probably ran out of dev hours ($$) and time... Thanks, I'll forget her...
  9. She is easy to miss, she travels from the upstairs "entertainment" area down and up the stairs to the balcony where she stands leaning on the rail for about 30 seconds... and repeats the loop...
  10. Finally, someone answered this... with a question. This is what I am curious about. I am wondering what triggers her into more interaction, if any? the devs were silent (so far) on this one... Again, this may be just "fluff" added into the King's Coffin to make it more interesting, but I have seen this too many times to just ignore her... Something may trigger her into action, more than her reply of, "Buzz off creep", or, "I'm starving!". What if any? POE II has many very well hidden items, maybe she is one of them...
  11. What is her story? I have played through about 5 times and each time I am in The King's Coffin I see her and it raises a flag... the authors deliberately manage her movement, as well as her responses, although it's, "Bug Off, Creep" or something like that. If anyone has a name, especially if they are around every time you are in a specific area, more than a few are significant in a way that is not readily apparent, usually an action(s) trigger them into action/interaction. I appreciate many of very sneaky challenging hidden situations I have discovered in POE II, almost like the developers were taunting us... to go deeper... think harder, observe better... Any thoughts?
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