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  1. Characters stuck at walk * I have tried toggling walk, but it does not affect them, they are unaffected by the toggle. All other characters start walking when i toggle, so the mode works. * I have tried removing them from my active team. They new members can run, but the two walkers "remember" their walking. * I have tried reloading a save. * I have tried restarting the game. Thanks
  2. There is a Mod(temporary) until an official patch that fixes the difficulty and other things comes out. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/24 There are also other curious mods
  3. When you lose health that loss continues after the fight and recovers with rest or spells / potions and does not regenerate. Add the resistance and health characteristic as in PoE1 I would like to rest is not infinite like now. If a character dies that can only be revived by spells or go to temples. I miss the difficulty of PoE1 in PoE2 everything is easier All this would make the immersion in game much better
  4. Thanks for the new stretch goal. A ver como va avanzando la recaudación y vayan superando nuevas metas y añadiendo más cosas al juego.
  5. Seeing as you clearly understand the language, I'd say your problem is pure nationalism. Google translator makes miracles xD. This is not nationalism: E.g I can play Call of Duty in English but I cannot play PoE or Divinity Original Sin so this is too much text. I'm not feel comfortable translating all the time so I prefer to play in my native tongue like German or French people. In France or Germany there is a law that obliges to translate the games in their language that is nationalism therefore these countries protect their language
  6. The text overlaps when I choose a classe with magic, regardless of race, I have problems when I have to choose the spells, the character sheet does not progress and brings me back to the choice of spells. If I can advance the sheet creation, magic texts and culture attributes overlap. Sorry for my bad English. In English works well
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