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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! I haven’t seen much in the way of Spiritualist builds, so I hope this spurs some fresh discussion. This is my first posted build. I have been playing with this build on Veteran and am about halfway through. I have so far found it very fun to play, although it does take a bit of micro. I suspect I could use the AI to run a few things, but paying attention to targeting and tactical placement are still important. If anyone would like to go where I fear and run this on PotD and/or solo please let me know how it goes! Here is my character build detail for the Siren. I hope you all
  2. I've been trying to figure out a way to create an AI behavior for summoning creatures. The problem I run in to is my character will cast another summon when the previous summon is active, which then removes the previous summon for the new one. I need a way to create a condition where if there's an existing summon, they won't cast a new one. I've tried using "Not Has Summoned Weapon", "Animal Companion is not Active". I don't want to just use a timer setting because the summon could be killed off early. Anyone have ideas or found a conditional combination that works for this setup?
  3. I've been reading the PoE wiki and noticed that wizards have no summoning spells, which is disappointing considering I love having my minions do my dirty work for me. Is there a reason as to why the class that specializes the most on the study of the arcane does not have access to summoning magic?
  4. Conjuration/summoning is seldom implemented in a satisfying manner: RPGs are full of fantastic creatures, but conjurers and summoners typically have access to only a very limited selection of these creatures. If conjuration/summoning magic is included Project Eternity, please do it right. Allow conjurers access to most if not all of the creatures found in the gameworld. The number of conjuration spells should not be limited to the number of spells available to other spell schools. Consider that each new conjuration spell does not necessarily require new assets; the creature assets alre
  5. Where can I find out how to fix the fact that since I reinstalled and started playing NWN2 again, I cannot get my charactor's summon familiar to work. The spell is cast, the animations play, but the familiar never appears. Companions/henchmen's familiars appear but my charactor's familiar does not. I have searched the bioware and atari forums and I am at a total loss where to go to get a fix for this so if anyone can tell me how to fix this please do!
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