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  1. Hello What build can you recommend me for cipher cc with bow? This stats is fine 15/7/18/18/17/3 for hard difficult game (not POTD)? Thanks for sugestions.
  2. What do You think about this build? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAXhm-IMAXk&list=PLRlC-jBr_k9A3LhaXXak7-AYiJ8VUbkuM His stats looks like more or less like this: m 13 c 12 d 10 p 15 i 19 r 10
  3. Hello. Can You guys tell me how should look good build for solo chanter on potd (ver 3.07)? How should look attributes? Thanks.
  4. But do You know how make human mc with her face (not portrait) ?
  5. Hello There is posible to create character who will be looks like Calisca (face)? Thanks
  6. Hello I have question to devs. If was possible add working cloaks in ps4 game edition when we get them for macs? Thanks
  7. Hello, Please, can someone make modified file (shadowing_beyond.unity3d) that makes Shadowing Beyond ability of Rouge per encounter? Thank You.
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