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  1. There is a huge problem with tooltip accuracy in POE 1&2. For some proc/bonus, tooltip say 'with this weapon', but not always. Some weapon can proc stuff on kill with anything (like the estoc unique) and some that only proc with the weapon kill (like grave calling). We are dealing with magical items, how can you know what is a 'local enchantment/bonus and what is a global one if this isn't written?
  2. the phantom don't engage. In the picture you don't have the green arrows. Don't know if it's a bug or a phamtom limit (or perhaps you need to reposition it)
  3. are you sure you don't proc the brilliant tactician feature, even for a sec ? The upgraded mule kick will leave the enemy flanked. Never noticed the behavior your describ with the same multiclass combo. But if you get brililant you get spell mage back with discipline.
  4. Because the impact can still dmg your body. It's like with explosion, just the wave can dmg/kill you even if you're not burned or pierced by a debris. Fire dmg? even if the armor protect from the burn, the heat can kill you.
  5. I'm more advanced with my tactician/bloodmage (lvl 13-15) and sometimes I can get back a good amount of discipline while spamming fireball & co that interrupt on crit. I think the game check for any ally, that mean if you charm an enemy and this one is blinded by your chill fog (or get flanked etc...) you loose brilliant. Same for any summon.
  6. AOE weapons are bugged with abilities (4.0.1], not only whispering. Have same problem with citzal's lance. Perhaps not ranged weapon (mortar weapons are fines). One the ability only affect the main target (when in 4.0 beta you could still apply an ability like mule kick to a group of targets with the AOE) and two your character just keep spaming the same ability until all resources drained or you give another order.
  7. During the beta AOE weapons were fine, but since 4.0.1 (perhaps 4.0 launch, didn't get any aoe weapon when I replayed when the patch launched) no martial abilities work with the AOE weapons like Whispering greatsword or Citzal's Lance. The ability only affect the target (and no aoe dmg) and my character just keep launching the same ability again & again until no more resources. EDIT : Both Hand mortar weapons aren't affected. Perhaps only melee AOE weapons are bugged? Don't know if i'm the only one affected (problem with my game?) since no one report it but AOE weapons are useless right now.
  8. The problem with might is the lack of consistency in the system & the writting. Like someone written earlier, might could represent you soul power, but the problem it's the only abstract stat. Writters substitue a lot strength to might in interactions, that can lead to muscle wizard problem. They could rework attributs to represent your soul (inner power) and only rely on athletic when they want physical strength (and other skills). The problem with Poe 1&2 system is that normaly a P&p RPG system is designed to be run by humans. Players must understand it or it's unplayable. And more recent RPG tend to be storytelling first with lighter rules when at the begining RPG where simulationist heavy. I suspect Poe 2 system was written by programmers first. They wrote the formulas/engine without thinking about the designer & players that will use it. Designers that came after, making the weapons, abilities etc... got hard time to figuring out the system and we got problem like gun critics that do less dmg. And for the players it's even worst. It's why the balance was so bad at launch, why when they add new magical items we got weird interactions sometimes because designers have hard time figuring out the system.
  9. it was already reported. Wikis not always updated. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105427-v21-unique-items/
  10. I just fought some Eotens ( the dual heads ogres), they are immune to flanked, but I was able to get the brilliant by blind them (or any other affliction that put flanked). Be immune to flanked mean the NPC can't be flanked by engagement. But it can get the flanked status by other afflictions (Blind, disoriented etc...). Now, some creature can be immune to flanked and afflictions (or have super high defenses).
  11. the gun critical dmg at release was really irritating. Dev put years on PnP systems and they don't have coding to do (and not all other things for a cRPG) it's why I would love if they don't try to reinvent rules at each games and work to polish a robust system. How I see things : - Merciless gaze have a lower effect but longer duration (effect like discipline strike last only 15sec vs 45sec for MG). Lot of strong buff have a small duration of 10-15sec. - Wizard have lot of diversity. If all his buffs are the same as other classes, we all roll wizards. It's the price of his diversity. Some classes have a very narrow range of abilities, but the wizard can do many things and adapt to lot of situations with grimoires. - A wizard is never a critic house in most traditional RPG. It's unfair to compare to some DPS heavy classes. - The spell stack with other critic chances. A spellblade can have the passive + the spell. There is lot of things I hate in deadfire, like caster that must learn spells like abilities and the lack of passives for them, but I don't thing merciless gaze is the most unbalanced spell. The big problem with casters in Deadfire is the limited spells slots of each level that make lot of spells less appealing.
  12. But you don't get -15 def vs bloodied for the regen, you get the def penalty & loose emporer for Blood sacrifice (restore spell with health) & the regen. You don't take into account that BLOOD SACRIFICE is the main advantage of the subclass. You can't just compare the health regen out of the rest. And I don't think it was ever designed to take blood mage subclass just for the regen. The regen is similar to items, at max level it's like a greater troll hide belt or ring. You have an unlimited passive regen that stack with all other source of health. Edit: at max level the regen is similar to ancient memory, (1hp/s) another source of passive regen.
  13. You forgot about all the effects that proc on critic (from items and passives). Lot of spells interrupt on critic. critics are badass. Merciless gaze effect is badass on your char!
  14. Do you know what is your problem Yosharian? IS that you compare a buff that cost you an ability point to get vs a free bonus given by your subclass. Ancient memory is stronger too. Fighter constant recovery too. But the regen isn't the main bonus of the blood mage, it's blood sacrifice. It's you who expect blood mage to have a super HP regen like the tanky classes. But the regen is just here to compensate a little the disadvantages. They could have buffed the bonus given by blood sacrifice instead. But they choosen to give the subclass a little regen, similar to item regen.
  15. the selling point of blood mage is blood sacrifice, not the regen. But the regen is a nice addition because it stack with other regen abilities like the paladin aura or chanter healing (or fighter constant recovery). And yes it's deadfire balance. Exemple since release every item bonus have been toned down. One regen item don't worth it alone, but if you add blood mage regen, fighter regen, some aura like paladin/chanter and you get a good amount of health back with doing anything.
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