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Found 20 results

  1. I have encountered a bug with the new pet ants and their favourite food being rotten slurry but they wont eat the slurry can this please be fixed? I'm also unable to provide a photo because of the file size is limited to such a low amount of data
  2. My pet weevil somehow got stuck underground and I can't access it anymore. I was exploring the sandbox when I noticed the little weevil pet icon off to the left in the haze so I checked my inventory to confirm that yep, it was not following me anymore. When I went over to the icon to go get it back though I quickly discovered the thing was somehow underground. I don't mean in a cave or a lab by the way, I mean glitched under the ground and completely inaccessible. It's holding so much important loot please someone help me.
  3. My idea would be to have a cassette radio or record player you have to go around the world to find the parts to craft it (side quest) with a side table craftable if (sitting in a chair) gets Implemented, I can imagine sitting in bases in our chairs listening to the music we find Extra side quest would be finding cassette music or records for pacific bugs, these music tracks playing from your cassette radio or record player would attract certain bugs that get put in a trance, but to fully tame these bugs you would need to find a rare mushroom that spawns in the mushroom patches randomly and/or the infected goo for different types of bugs that you would want to tame, you can only tame one bug at a time, what ever special bug you tame could also unlock more side quests to go looking for parts to craft ride-ables or more special items for what ever you could use your pet for. Also an idea to be able to bookmark a few crafting recipes to the HUD (CTRL + LMB click on a Recipe to bookmark to HUD) that shows the items you need for said crafting recipe, shows the amount you have in your inv and how many of said items you need A few times I find myself going in and out of the menu because I forget what items I need for a crafting recipe, would be a nice thing to see while working on a few recipes at a time, especially if the game is going to get a lot larger in the crafting/building
  4. So first I wanted to say how much I love the game. It's beautiful and you have a lot of fun playing it. I would like to give you a suggestion how to make the game even more fun. You could add a kind of "pet" function to the game, for example with the Aphids. You could make it so that you can feed them until they trust you, and then they become something like the player's pets and accompany him on his adventures. To make them have a function, you could make them bring nearby resources. I would really like this feature because I think it would fit the atmosphere very well. Sorry if my english is bad.
  5. Hi All! I haven’t seen much in the way of Spiritualist builds, so I hope this spurs some fresh discussion. This is my first posted build. I have been playing with this build on Veteran and am about halfway through. I have so far found it very fun to play, although it does take a bit of micro. I suspect I could use the AI to run a few things, but paying attention to targeting and tactical placement are still important. If anyone would like to go where I fear and run this on PotD and/or solo please let me know how it goes! Here is my character build detail for the Siren. I hope you all like it. Build Name Siren Subclass(es): Beckoner/Beguiler (Spiritualist) Description: The Siren is about control, both of your enemies and of some summons. She also has a good amount of debuff with most of her abilities focused on the mind and deception tags. She prefers short ranged combat using the blunderbuss as her main source of damage. She tries to remain as central to her teammates and summons to maximize her chant and other AOE abilities. Her intellect allows her control and debuff capabilities extended duration and maximizes the area of effect of them. Her dexterous nature allows her to utilize her talents at a frightening speed. Author: Toadbat Game version: 2.0 Difficulty: Veteran (I am a wimp, this build might be able to go higher) Solo: Untested Companion: No companion or sidekick fit’s this class build. Race: Moon Godlike (I chose this for some additional staying power, but any race will work.) Culture: Old Vailia (for the increased intelligence) Background: Artist (This is open to change based on your desired skill choices) Attribute Adjusted Incl/BB Might 8 10 Constitution 8 10 Dexterity 18 20 (Godlike) Perception 18 20 Intelligence 20 22 (Godlike, Old Vailia) Resolve 6 8 Level Proficiency Active Skill Passive Skill Ability 1 Blunderbuss Whispers of Treason 1 Saber If their Bones.../Come, Come Soft Winds… 2 Athletics Survival Lingering Echoes 3 Athletics Metaphysics Eyestrike 4 Dagger Mechanics Insight Draining Whip, At the Sound of His Voice… 5 Stealth Metaphysics Mental Binding 6 Stealth Insight Dual Weapon Style 7 Arcana Metaphysics Secret Horrors, At the Sound of His Voice… 8 Hatchet Mechanics Bluff Ancient Brittle Bones 9 Athletics Insight Combat Focus 10 Arcana Metaphysics And Their Fear Followed…, Body Attornment 11 Mechanics Bluff The Lover Cried out… 12 Pistol Athletics Insight Hammering Thoughts 13 Arcana Metaphysics Borrowed Instinct, Rapid Casting 14 Mechanics Bluff Gernisc's Beast Lit the Night… 15 Athletics Insight Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr 16 Spear Arcana History The Empty Soul, Quick Summoning 17 Mechanics Bluff Mind Plague 18 Athletics History Spell Resistance 19 Arcana History Yet it's mate…, The Complete Self 20 Mace Mechanics Bluff Echoing Horror I picked what weapon proficiencies made sense to dual wield, so I could improve my reaction time. I maxed perception because this is my trap-finder. As far as skills go, pick what you want. I know a lot more min/max’ing could occur and feel free to discuss that here. Also, please comment and opine on the skill and attribute selections. I am not yet sure that the ones listed below are best in class. I am looking forward to your opinions. -Toadbat Edited for format and some content. Word copy/paste import failed miserably . I will continue to improve. Updated abilities based on comments from Verde and Ophiuchus. Further improved formatting, rewrote some of the content to flow better, corrected chant to Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr per Ophiuchus (thanks!) Just realized that 2.0 came out a while ago, no changes there affect this build to my knowledge. I have updated the Version above to reflect that.
  6. Hope this helps. Keep in mind basically all the companions feel the same after some testing, only difference was die roll, recovery speed, and defenses or innate abilities. Pet doesn't seem to scale of player stats either on their attributes, and they receive standard bonuses from ranger directly. Pet Str Con Dex Per Int Res Pen Acc AR Deflection Bear 15 12 9 13 5 10 6 30 7 25 Lion 13 13 12 11 5 11 6 30 5 25 Wolf 10 10 13 15 5 12 6 30 5 25 Boar 11 16 8 10 5 15 6 30 5 25 Stag 13 10 12 15 5 10 6 30 5 25 Antelope 10 10 14 15 5 9 6 30 5 35 This is using a multiclass Rogue/Ranger with 17str 14con 17dex 16per 12int 14res (using Blessing of Berath). Only differences I saw was the speed of attacks between most of them and the die roll. Wolf seemed to have highest die roll out of 20 hits. Bear ran behind it, but with the high strength bonus it was almost the same. And lowest hit overall was Antelope.
  7. After importing my favourite character from POE1 i've managed to find Sky Dragon Wurm in Oathbinder Sanctum during Lost Dues in Good Faith , that only appears in game if i spared the Sky Dragon in Hylea Temple. But i commited a small dragon genocide on my run, launched POE1 and loaded the save file and checked diary to refresh my memory -- diary says that i've killed both dragon and wurm.
  8. Hi there, According to the description of Trixie: >> Self: +25% Stride >> Party Wide: 5% Hits Converted to Crits But what's showing up in Current Effects in Character Records is two Pet Party Wide Effects: >> Pet Party Wide Effect: +10% Stride >> Pet Party Wide Effect: 5% Hits Converted to Crits The +10% Stride should be main char only, and the amount is wrong. EDIT: I figured out the pet party effects were messed up for some reason. Everyone was getting a permanent 5% Misses Converted to Grazes with Ranged Weapons (likely from the Desert Wurm), whether I have any pet or none at all. After reloading an earlier save, all pets worked fine. I'm not sure what's going here, but there might be some sort of problem with pet effects and/or swapping pets around.
  9. As a PoE lover and a pet lover that had to put a pet down recently, I now regret not paying for That tier of pre-order. I got the Physical CE tier. Now I wish everyone could play with a pet named after my Radar (German Shepard Mix) if anyone plays the Fallout series, he was my Dogmeat companion in every game.I miss my old boy and it would have been nice to see it as an upgrade to other tiers after the fact.
  10. .. very annoying wondering why he wont attack to have to remember to turn the AI for the pet on every single fight.
  11. In battle, Itumaak is moving incredible slow, probably at half speed. Out of battle, moves completely normal. I've had the new 3.01 patch for a bit and it didn 't happen until recently, last couple days. Tried restarting game, removing her from party, resting, nothing works.
  12. One of my rangers' pets stops moving in stealth mode. Send pet somewhere, pet goes. Enter stealth mode, pet stops moving. Drop stealth, pet resumes movement. Every other char and pet continues moving normally in stealth. I run 4 rangers and currently also Sagani. Other 4 pets are fine, 1 is misbehaving, Duk's pet. This was happening before 2.0. Was hoping it will be fixed in 2.0 so I waited a few days but the issue persists in 2.0 as well. I tried removing from party and readding, changing formations and so on but doesn't help. It is super annoying as I always move in stealth as default as I believe everyone does in new areas. Savegame, output_log, dxdiag: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2zq1BH5JRHffnNUQ191TmZvLXZzRkFjYjFlbWhCV21maVQ3TUMtSHJlSWdFc3RFSlBiV2M&usp=sharing
  13. So... 1.06 was "about Paladin". If we assume that Obsidian listens to its community, the next update could be the other class which received the most complaints... Yes, I look at you, Ranger ! In your opinion, what could be this patch ? For me it could be quite different from what they did with Paladin : boosting its abilities. In my opinion, many of Ranger's abilities are pretty solid and appealing : stacking accuracy abilities, stunning shots, driving flights... Some may be subpar, but any other classes has subpar abilities too. IMO, the ranger's problems are of 2 kinds : - Its defining trait, the pet, is not that great. Sure, it has its uses. The most complaints come from the fact that it keeps dying all the time, leading to a big malus to Ranger's abilities. The problem appears especially in boss fights and harder difficulties... exactly when you would like your party members to be the most effective ! - The other problem is that Rangers do not really have a critical purpose where they would excel : rogue is better at ranged damages, the pet itself is a weak melee and a poor off-tank. The requirement to have your pet in melee simply cancel the advantage of a ranged hitter. Currently, its "2 in 1" nature makes it a passable filler for a party, but it is hard to imagine why one would use a ranger to fullfill a given role. The solution should be about what makes ranger unique : their pets. Pets have indeed some cool traits : - They are infinite pools of health (something I think only melee wizard with "Infuse Vital Essence" could be ) ) - They have 2 engagements (which makes melee ranger the class with the maximum possible engagements, equalling fighters !) Pets could work as meat shields... if only it didn't trigger sadness ! (not to mention the lost abilities like staker link) And currently, nothing is more frustrating than loosing a pet in a fight, especially due to the rarity of resurrection powers... and no second chance for your pet ) So, what I would find really cool : - Pet overall buff, especially at high level (classic) - A pet resurrection ability !!!! something like 1x per encounter (with a nice buff like "Unbroken". A short duration and important buff to "revenging" pet damages would be a really cool "trap" to use.) or maybe 3x Rest (which would address the problem of boss fights. - Suppression of the sadness malus - Defensive Bond modification : I currently find it far too situational to be attractive (even if the idea was cool). Something like a boosted deflection and / or reflexes when the pet is close from its master would be more appealing, especially for melee ranger build. - Applying some Passive Talents and/or abilities to both Ranger and pet : Superior deflection, Interrupting blows, Aiming skills, etc... This would remove the need to "choose" between master and pets at each level up, and would enable a better scaling for the pet. (IMO this would be cooler than an overall buff... It would be far more interesting to build ) Not sure it would really address the "ranger purpose" problem though. But I'm pretty sure a "per encounter resurrection skills" by itself would make it far less frustrating to play. Do you have any other ideas ? PS : And one minor thing would be cool : let pet damages be counted as Ranger damages ! Currently, it is not the case, so this "heavy hitter" damages appear to be even lower than what they actually are !
  14. Not surprisingly, I thought the ranger was prett lack-luster. Although I don't think the ranger's in danger of winning any overpoweredness contests, I actually didn't think the ranger was too weak. The ranger is really just the pet-owner class. Other than the fact that D&D also had (and struggled with) animal companions, the class barely feels like a ranger at all. This wouldn't be a huge problem if it didn't mean that, in the end, there's almost nothing to do with the ranger in both character building and combat. In my opinion, the ranger would make more sense (and probably be a lot more fun) as a series of talents available to any character. (Think about it: then Sagani could be a rogue!) That's a pretty dire verdict on a class. I'm not joking though. At this point, if I had to fix the ranger I would just get rid of it completely and allow any character to buy into the ranger pet through a series of talents (starting with something weaker, of course, since a whole ranger pet would be a bit OPed for just one talent). The remaining abilities could be divided among other classes as made sense. I'm not being hyperbolically negative here either. I actually think this would be a nice improvement to the game--allowing characters to be distinguished by the fact that they have an animal companion rather than defined by the fact they have an animal companion. The fighter with a pet wolf would feel a lot different than one without, both mechanically and from a storytelling perspective. Same for every other class.
  15. I've got Sagani in my party but ever since she has joined she has never had a wolf pet, or any pet with her. For some reason no pet icon shows, there's no way to summon the pet, and it's just as if the pet doesnt exist. I'm hoping this can be fixed ASAP and that my saves are fine with the update that can fix this. Buggy as all hell with the amount of people I've read have a pet issue on rangers.
  16. I just love the game so far, so detailed and exciting... but still cannot understand such massive bungle - which is driving me nuts! If playing as a ranger (as I do) every time you select your pet (a bear in my case) it makes no bear-sound at all, it's as if it was lifeless, a robot or puppet. You click him, order him to go or attack... and no sound produced. Complete silence, what's highly weird I must say! Actually I've noticed that there are bear sounds created and used throughout the game (for instance, the big bad bear in a cavern in the beginning) so I keep wondering why the hell Obsidian made such a blunder. I suppose it's the same with the other pets (boar, wolf, deer, lion...) Please, fix it. Thank you in advance! A fan
  17. Sorry if it's already pointed out, but i can't find a "search" function in the forum. The Wolf pet it's the only animal companion who seems to have "placeholders" stats: Bear 15/12/9/13/5/10 Antelope 10/10/14/15/5/9 Boar 11/16/8/10/5/15 - 64 total Passive: +20% damage when below half endurance Lion 13/13/12/11/5/11 Stag 13/10/12/15/5/10 on the other hand we have the Wolf 10/10/10/10/10/10
  18. This might not just be Sagani specific but an issue for rangers overall. Anyway I haven't had her much in the party due to the bug but the faithful companion status effect is only active if the companion is alive right? Here's a picture of the bug.
  19. Hello! First of all, LOVE the game, this is why I'm such in a panic to post this and see it resolved. A game breaking bug happened this morning, as I spoke to Maerwald, listened to his rambling and initiated the fight. I noticed the ranger pet's icon was suddenly turned white, I didn't pay attention to it due to the intensity of the fight but when it ended, I realised I couldn't find the wolf anywhere. In fact, double clicking it just pointed to a point on the map which has nothing in it. Now, as much as it sucked, I figured "damn this will cost me a lot to dismiss this companion and create another one at the same level" but nope, I cannot leave any areas because I need to "Gather my party first". Uh oh. So... plan B, I reload an earlier save but no, SAME problem. Even if the save was before the fight. So my group is litterally trapped because my pet companion apparently just... disappeared. So : - Issue happened right at the Maerwald fight, right after he finishes speaking - I checked the integrity of Steam's files, no good, didn't do anything Please help! I'll include a savefile, please advise! http://www.filedropper.com/ceb2a3c1bbec46f3bab6cfbeb8af3f578989743endlesspathsofodnualevel1 Above is the link to download a zip with the three savefiles. It includes the autosave, the save BEFORE and AFTER. I've never seen a bug that applied to all saves before. If I could get a fixed save by email, joelbouchard@videotron.ca I would be immensely grateful.
  20. Given that the pet is completely non-interactable, it seems a little strange that a giant name bubble pops up over it every time you Highlight Interactables, and it's annoying because it gets in the way of actually seeing stuff. It's especially annoying in fights when I'm trying to see the status of different characters and the giant name is blocking a bunch of stuff. I've taken to using no pet just to avoid that. Please at least make an option not to display the pet's name when interactables are highlighted.
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