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  1. This sounds so cool!! I hope that's the case, considering how the watcher has been tied to Woedica many lives before. I will be happy with a soft class system, where you are able to hone in on a playstyle but still grab some useful attributes outside of it here and there. I still would love to see the variety of spellcasting classes PoE has present. Honestly if not, I hope there enough mod support for us to add ourselves.
  2. I agree, I wouldn't care if the character ends up filling the chosen one archetype, but best avoided. I would still like to be a watcher though.
  3. Hehe the ones that edit progression tables at least, since the new classes came out.
  4. All Class mods had to be updated for 4.0, so probably only these ones you would have to get the updated versions of
  5. Maybe it would be easier to just have three tiers of blood sacrifice. Give three blood sacrifice abilities to the blood mage, each with their corresponding spell slot restoration and damage. So you could choose which rank you want to restore. It would be hard to make an automatic system to do that
  6. Hey all, I have a few questions, it might be a bit far fetched to get a reply now that Deadfire is coming to a close, but anyways. Do you feel I should lower cost of abilities? or do you think the balance is pretty good? I would like to do something special for the closing of Deadfire, if I find the time. What would you like to see? How do you feel about special trinkets for each Mystic knight class? Maybe a transformation or a special ability? Do you want me to expand my headcannon for these subclasses, are you interested in me providing some fan-lore for these classses? Thank you all for supporting my mod, my venture in the Deadfire has been amazing thanks to you all, the PoE slack, and the wonderful Obsidian developers :} I may make a couple mods in the future for Deadfire, if I find the motivation, but otherwise see you in these forums in the meantime or the next Pillars game or The Outer Worlds forums.
  7. TT1 Unique items is a must if you want new items Also, if you want more classes, the class project on steam has a lot, including my More paladin classes, the Mystic knights, and More priest subclasses mods.
  8. Update 3.1 Reworked Umbral Knight to resemble the other two subclasses and added new abilities, such as Umbral Pitfall! Added a silence proc for Luna Knight Spiritual weapon.
  9. I tried every dialog option but couldn't get past this
  10. Update 3.0 Part III: is up :3 Overview: The Sol Mystic is a powerful vessel hunter and fighter. In order to access their fullest potential, the player must use their summoned weapons which grant two powerful abilities otherwise hidden. This encourages resource management since the Sol Knight, even if very powerful will fall short if their resources are incorrectly used. Description: The Sol Mystic Knights are the newest branch of the Mystic Knights paladin order. The Sol Mystics are also known as the Banes of St. Waidwen Martyr. The Sol Mystics became fugitives from Raedceras after they turned their back on St. Waidwen after he decided to invade Dyrwood. In order to escape percecution or zealous attacks they accepted conscription into the Mystic Knights in a controversial series of events brought fourth by the Luna Mystics. The Sol Mystics as Raedcerans are perhaps the most hated of the order, they work dilligently to find their place in the Aedyr Empire. What cannot be denied by the common and noble folk of the Aedyr Empire however, is that they are the best vessel hunters. Dispositions: +Benevolent and Honest -Deceptive and Cruel Ability list per power level: Sunbeam - Splinters of the Godhammer - Shinning Beacon - Sunlance - Light of Eothas Abilities granted by spiritual weapon: Sprites of Sunlight (missiles that cause great fire damage) and Sol rush (Charge that attacks everyone in the way of the Sol knight and their chosen enemy) Drawback: Loses access to paladin fire Abilities and faltering faith debuff makes them lose most of the bonus from Faith and Conviction
  11. Update 2.0 Hey everyone, pleased to announce that Part II of my mod is up :} Overview: The Luna Mystic Knight is a versatile warrior and anti-mage, capable of using a abilities that call upon spirits hidden in moonlight. The Luna Mystic can transform into a banshee that is capable of destroying even the most powerful opponents. Description: The Luna Mystic Knights are a branch of the Mystic Knights paladin order of the Aedyr Empire. Luna mystics are tasked with protecting high ranking members of the Aedyr hierarchy. They work as quiet and collected guardians and protectors. The order of Luna Mystics was the first order within the Mystic Knights, created in response to the death of a young noble at the hands of an animancer. Originally the Order allowed only nobles who gave up their claims to land and power to join. As members of a knightly order and often times former nobles they are more refined than their brothers and sisters of their order, often involving themselves in court intrigue and scandal. Dispositions: +Stoic and Diplomatic -Passionate and Aggressive Ability list per power level: Shards of Moonlight - Silver Mace of the Mystic Knights - Silver Veil - Silver Gale - Lady of Silver Waters Drawback: Loses access to Abjugations Download my mod here: https://www.nexusmod...rnity2/mods/169
  12. Yeah, I have noticed. I think what could eventually be done would be a series of videos covering all the modding basics. Until then, it seems that getting overwhelmed by all the details might be a bit much. I remain largely unsuccessful in my modding endeavours and have engage in shameful mod requests to get the mods I want. Hopefully one day I can correct this. Don't bring yourself down man modding will not come easy at first. Yea I suggest reverse engineering my mods, see how they work and get an idea from there if you are interested in classes. If I have more time I could eventually create a guide on how to approach making new classes :}
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