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  1. Hi, modders! Recently,I’ve try to make the Blood Sacrifice more reasonnable; such as: if there is empty low rank slots(Spell Lvl 1-3), the Blood Sacrifice WILL NOT trgget tier 2 or tier 3 raw damage, Until all those slots are fully recovered. Meanwhile if the low rank spell is full, but medium slots are empty(Spell Lvl 4-6),the tier 1 and 3 damage Will never triggered, same as the high spell lvl. The whole idea is to make Blood Sacrifice "controllable", when u use this ability, it will charge your resource from low to high and do not waste your HP. I've read game-data-formats documentation, but i have no idea how to fulfil my purpose; I wish somebody could give me a direction. (I've thinking that maybe I could use "ApplicationPrerequisites" under StatusEffectGameData? But, I do not know how to write new conditions.) Cheers!
  2. During the game process, I found the "Emotional" enchantment from the "talk sword" Modwyr never work as its description said. Is any possible for this bug get fixed by Obsidian in official 1.10 Patch? However, I tried re-edited the itemmod slot from gamadatabudle file and create an override mod; yet, after I remove the SEDisplay itemmod from Modwyr and directly adding the status-effect ID form "ModwyrBurnProc", which i set tigger condition start when player HP above 50% and stop below; Vise Versa for "ModwyrFreezeProc". But this way did not work out...... (Figure form none-modded Modwyr attack)
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