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  1. Even worse is the Fampyr fight on the island at the south east edge of the map! It's strange - I've only had it happen when using Accurate Wounding Shot but others seem to have the same trouble as you, or even have it happen just from auto attacks. It doesn't seem to be consistent between everyone's games. Hopefully it will be in the next patch
  2. Hm, the status effect says charmed, not dominated, that's a difference, right? Technically yes, they are different status effects. But Mental Fortress is supposed to protect against both. My understanding of resistance to afflictions is that they only downgrade the affliction by one tier. In this case it was downgraded from dominated to charmed. If the player was charmed then it would be downgraded to confused, and if confused was used then it would fail to work. Grazes only reduce the duration by half, not reduce the affliction tier, right? That's strange; the only time i got insta-dominated was specifically when i used Accurate Wounding Shot. There's definitely something strange going on with this ability!
  3. Same here with Eder being the only reliable one to resist. The first time fighting them, I ended up sending Eder in to round up all the Fampyrs then i sent Xoti in with an empowered Dismissal to instantly kill all of them!
  4. I also have the deflection bug for Casita Samelia's Legacy, but the bonus goes away after battle ends. Moving between zones seems to be fine for me. Here's a dropbox link to my save and other files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdqqvqvsd8o1rux/PoE2%20Armor%20Bug.zip?dl=0 Steps To Reproduce (From Save): - (Deflection = 108) Go Down and fight Rotghasts - Battle ends and deflection bonus is now gone (Deflection = 98)
  5. I had the same thing but it turns out you have to reach Ukaizo (make sure it says it's completed in the journal) then save the game, quit, and load that save. It should unlock when you load the save.
  6. Oh wow, that sounds terrible! I tried to look at the Fampyr abilities in the cyclopedia, in case they have some special ability that makes this happen, but unfortunately you don't get descriptions of the abilities. So as far as i can tell, this shouldn't be happening.
  7. In the Cave of Threshing, when using Accurate Wounding Shot on a stunned Fampyr, my Ranger/Monk gets instantly dominated. I've tried this with both a hunting bow (Frostseeker) and an arquebus (Blightheart). This seems to only happen when using Accurate Wounding Shot; normal ranged attacks and ranged Stunning Blow are both fine. I tried paralyzing the Fampyr as well and the same thing happens. Steps to reproduce the issue (using save file): - Keep everyone in stealth and send the monk (Faerrys) in to engage the Fampyr with an empowered Stunning Surge - After the Fampyr is stunned: use Accurate Wounding Shot with the Ranger/Monk (Sahuani), on Fampyr - Sahuani should be dominated Edit: No matter the status of the Fampyr, Accurate Wounding Shot will instantly trigger dominating gaze. Here's a dropbox link to a .zip file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvivyhfl75202a9/PoE%202%20Fampyr%20Bug.zip?dl=0
  8. On the level up summary page, all defenses are shown as higher than they are after level up. Steps to reproduce the issue: - Level up as normal - See higher defenses on summary page - See lower defenses on character and inventory pages, after level up I tried to attach a save file but it said I'm not permitted to attach the file type. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  9. That would be my guess. I also thought this so i tried many ways of levelling up but anything i did let me have 3 points. I got a response from Cdiaz about this and he said that their external team found the bug as well. Here's the thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95262-able-to-pick-3-abilities-at-new-power-level-multiclass/
  10. Something else that was nice was i got a one-shot-kill with this character, with an accurate wounding shot crit of 176!
  11. Sorry, i didn't give the context of my character. My character is a Sharpshooter/Assassin who is intended to stay far away from the enemy. I'm also assuming i'm fighting a boss (for example the Engwithan Titan). I'd have no need for a second assassinate on lesser enemies. Tactics: Before using Smoke Veil i'd wait for my gun to be reloaded. Use Aimed Shot (+20 Acc.), Accurate Wounding Shot (+20 Acc.), having Marksman (+5 Acc.), Assassinate and Sneak Attack (from teammates). That's +75 accuracy, +11 penetration (4 assassinate, 7 crit) and +150% damage. That's a HUGE difference from an auto attack with a slow weapon. An auto attack will most likely graze or hit for ok damage which will be x0.25 from bad penetration = not much damage. I've tested these and the results are: With assassinate and others as above (from stealth because of bugged Smoke Veil): Around 100 damage With auto-attack (aimed shot, marksman and flanked only): around 8 damage If i wasn't playing this particular character then your way is better for sure!
  12. Auto attack will do more damage than Smoke veil + assassinate imo, because Smoke Veil has 2 second recovery time, the bonus u gain from assassinate does not compensate the lose of an attack. The only reason to use assassinate is its +4 penetration bonus now. Is that still the case with an arquebus (long reload time)? I basically wanted two massive hits and the arquebus has been the most reliable for me so far. I also want it for the extra accuracy for more crit chance (and by extension, even more penetration).
  13. Assassinate won't work with Smoke Veil when using ranged weapons. I was trying to use assassinate twice by hitting from stealth, then hitting from invisibility using Smoke Veil. I tried using melee weapons and it works fine. Using ranged weapons only works from stealth. I can't figure out why this is. Steps: 1. Engage enemy with tank character 2. Shoot enemy from stealth (assassinate bonuses applied) 3. Use Smoke Veil 4. Shoot enemy from invisibility (no assassinate bonuses applied)
  14. I just found something else that's interesting regarding assassinate... You can use assassinate twice by using Smoke Veil but only if you're using melee weapons. I tried doing it with ranged weapons (excluding magical implements) and it would only apply assassinate from stealth, not with Smoke Veil. To make sure it wasn't like backstabbing (first 2 seconds), i waited until the last possible moment to assassinate with melee weapons and it still applied the bonuses. I'll make a post in the bugs section.
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