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  1. Please don't "just" increase the amount of mobs. This is not what makes combat more fun or difficult... just tedious. It's not the amount of mobs - but the number of enemies in a given mob (though your point stands that simply having more enemies isn't necessarily more fun/challenging - especially if an AOE is taking them out). They also mentioned new level-scaling (so each enemy is tougher) - hopefully that'll make the difference (maybe in terms of abilities used by the enemies from being higher level and not just having more HP / hitting harder). "Mobs" is a term that refers to in
  2. Thanks for the clarification - I thought it was on zone-in, but you're right, it's after combat. I'd update my post, but the edit button seems to be MIA.
  3. Oh man... THAT would explain why any Barbarian and/or Cipher wielding the Shattered Vengeance club is applying a stacking, non-curable +5% damage taken per stack (Shards of Woedica) to all their teammates.
  4. Great, except... If only low level encounters are being scaled up, they wouldn't have had skull markers in the first place. It's the LACK of skulls for difficult content that's hosing us. You could simply re-enable your "inaccurate information", and it would be 100% visually accurate to the player.
  5. Casita Samelia's Legacy: Intimidation bonus to deflection needs to be 'reapplied' after every combat (unequip, re-equip). Other things I saw: Magistrate's Cudgel: No indication in combat log that "Judged" is triggering. While leveling weapon, Bleak Walkers Flames of Devotion 'sickened' affliction not counting toward 'apply afflictions'. Reckless Brigandine: "Go Not Quietly" shows up on weapon "Recovery Time" tool tips, but not on character sheet under "Current Effects", leading to some confusion about whether or not +1 enagement portion is actually working. Xoti's Sickle: Unable to
  6. There really does seem to be a lack of NPCs willing to solve disputes in this game. Makes me want to start a new playthrough where I just slaughter every NPC. Hasten them to their stupid demises.
  7. Same bug here. Kill titan, game immediately crashes.
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