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Found 7 results

  1. Could someone add an ability for barbarians that turns Carnage off and gives bonus damage? For everyone: What do you think would be a balanced/good bonus damage? If not other balanced effect.
  2. Description: Carnage procs against allies who are confused (and probably any other similar status) who wander too close to a barbarian hitting an actual enemy. I consider this a bug because it implies the confused one is the barbarian. The confused party member was standing in a stupor and had not taken any hostile action (towards anything). ~I've stood next to you while you flew into unimaginable rages during which no sane person could have any higher brain functions left, and yet you never once hit me. I get covered in some mushroom dust and NOW you hit me??~ "I could see you wandering around in a daze, I thought some light stabbing might snap you out of it.." ~You killed me~ "Confusion cured!" ~...~ Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Most easily reproduced in a fight against spore creatures with at least 1 barbarian in the party (who is not confused). Suggested fix: Confused allies are not hostile, but are instead neutral. They -could- be attacked by friend or foe, but are not inherently hit by foe only effects like carnage or (some) spells. They should still be affected by ally only effects such as healing or condition suppressing. If your system only allows friend/foe, then they must remain friend and control of the character simply removed or suspended (such as the case with knockdown/prone)
  3. So my current play trough nearing the end , i was thinking to go with all carnage characters for next one . Would be nice if people could share their ideas for building Stag Druid Wizard with Blast ( Rod with 2 Projectiles ) Barbarian Off-tank who is using shield with bashing and debufs with his carnage My MC will be KW Paladin Healer ( carnage heals 0_o ) , Also i will have Ranger with Stag and Stormcaller , will try to get early bow to make this run easy and i will have main tank Chanter using Dragon and Sure Handed Ila chants assuming chanter can solo everything im probably gonna play Iron Man mode . Any help on builds welcome especially how to build Stag Druid or Barbarian never played one
  4. There are a few aspects in the game that are a bit annoying when it comes to seeming inconsistent such as hatchets having a deflection bonus over swords, but I really do think that there needs to be a increased difference between tiny one handed weapons and large two handed weapons -- especially when it is tied to the Barbarian and the Carnage skill. Carnage is meant to represent the Barbarians large sweeping attacks, which in this game seems most effective built with two tiny stilettos. The developers really should make a change so that the carnage skill increases with the size of the weapon, or only applies to slash and crush weapons (which you could theoretically hit more than one person with). Hitting multiple targets with a single knife stab for a barb is immersion breaking. I would also like this change to be made to reduce the need for intelligence, as opposed to having to build the worlds smartest barbarian in order to max his damage. The armor piercing difference between large and small weapons should also be increased significantly. This should also apply to smaller bows. The fact I down a plate clad paladins with a few hits from my stilettos is stupid... it should require a special talent in the rouge tree to make knives more effective -- and shouldn't be the most effective weapon for an area of attack barbarian. My two cents.
  5. For a Barbarian using a 2h weapon with reach (pike or qs), how crucial is intellect's AoE modifier for Carnage? Do I really need the extra reach, or will he already be hitting anyone around him with an int of 10 (or 3? - though that should actually malus the reach, I guess?)
  6. Could a first-level barbarian ability allowing a limited version of Carnage to be used at range (and possibly locking out melee Carnage) be balanced, or would it almost certainly be too good? I've been pondering the fact that barbarians are only usable at melee range. At first, it seemed like a natural consequence of what the class is all about, and I'm not sure it isn't, but I do wonder if there isn't room for ... I dunno, shooting through a guy and into another guy, or ricochets, or something like that. Barbarians have started to interest me in the same way that Ciphers interest me, and I'd like to know what other people think about this.
  7. Title. And does anyone know what the actual numbers on carnage are? (half damage, -5 Acc, etc?)
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