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  1. Been waiting for 3.03 to fix all the issues so i can finally play finished pillars of eternity ... Well it seems i will have to wait a bit longer...
  2. Meh , i think best thing currently is to put pilars away and wait for official response about patch or no patch , i hope that obsidian will come to its senses and finish their game , the one that was kickstarted and such , well if they dont this is the last game i buy from them
  3. You can simply check the damage of bittercut with corrosive lash without spirit of decay and then check it with SoD , attack n lash damage will be bigger than it should and im not talking about 5% increase from 25% to 30% even more visible when doing it with firebrand and FoD
  4. I just did the same quest and few very similar ones and did not encounter this issue , maybe your save is broken ?
  5. What about all this bug fixing in technical support ? What for was that , i mean if they are not gonna patch the game why they "pretend" their workig on fixing bugs I honestly cant understand this , they spent years working on a game and now they gonna leave it unfinished , seriously WTF Also could it be that patch is almost done ? and they are not working on it anymore maybe .
  6. It does increase it , just it doesnt write it in combat log like that ( Spirit of Decay wont be mentioned in attack resolution ) Also every +% Lash is like different fraction of attack , if you have FoD , Corrosive Lash , Remember Rakhan Field , Intense Flames all of them will be separate small number in your attack resolution ( Even FoD and Intense Flames are considered 2 different lashes one of 50% and another of 25% ) Your End result might look like this in combat log : X Corrosive/Slash Damage + 50%X Fire+ 25%X Fire +30%X Corrode +30%X Corrode ( Corrode lashes get boosted by SoD once again making it 30% , you can boost fire lashes with Scion of Flame too ) Im currently rolling with another Elemental Weapon firebrand and with its big numbers is much easier to see how Scion of Flame affects its damage .
  7. Yeh thats the one i meant , Sanguine Helm actually has breakout , i mixed em up , also i checked on wiki that Malinas Boots has preservation , gonna try to wait for azzuro and use those until i get some of the end game stuff Currently plan is to stack so much deflection that enemies only miss my rogue with their Auto attacks , wonder how much i need for that
  8. Im also wondering if Riposte will work when im prone , if it does then i think using Blaidh Golan or Sanguine Plate Helm ( or is there any other armor item with Preservation ) and 1h Weapon with Barricade , non bashing shield is a no go i think for a rogue . Also Blaidh Golan has a break out which kinda beats the purpose of being prone for higher defenses .
  9. Also Adept Evasion only works on reflex which Makes it simply bad :/ , I am gonna use Barricade , and i been using this rogue as main tank so damage isnt main goal tho i would like to do some in the end , funny thing is if you stack deflection your class doesnt matter at all ,my rogue had 85+ on lvl 5 and now is nearing 100 on lvl 7-8 , i been thinking to give him some preservation item and then knock him down with my wizard slicken , enemies like to surround this rogue when he is prone
  10. Go Bleak Walker , Duplicate Bittercut , have a fun time . You can refer to this build i used , and written up also you can safely Dump RES for higher CON it will balance itself out http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/85885-class-build-bleak-walker-melee-dw-paladin-monster/
  11. Who cares. I would consider even a wand barbarian aka ferocious fairy, if it would proc carnage agreed I can be a semi RP Jack ass sometimes. I am meta player stuck in a RP players body. Also yes tempered helm with DW on this build could definitely wreck. This is turning into a Blood Thirsty Duel Wielding Berserker Paladin with a crap ton of End and HP who can tank well lol. Fits the Dwarf no doubt. Kind of Like the Paladin version of a Mountain King if you every played Warcraft. Maybe I can fit Outlanders Fury into this....wow cross classing a Paladin and Duel Wielding now I am really going out of shell lmfao. Use Sanguine Plate for early game and then DAoM potion with soulbound armor instead of wasting talent on outlanders frenzy , Sanguine Plate will also give +4might+4con and is twice per encounter just way way better than outlanders frenzy
  12. Use Tempered Helm on paladins with on Kill abilities , has the looks and the stats . Also im certain paladin with Arquebus cant compare to paladin with Firebrand in terms of burst with FoD , atleast not until you make that arquebus legendary or something .
  13. This is always an option , saving in Caed Nua before you go to visit any endgame map , and then give it a few shots with reloads , then load the earlier save from Caed Nua and try to complete the map without loading or by loading just once . Plenty of ways to avoid this bug
  14. gotta love how companiontard lovers are not into reading & thinking , and wont read the original post where nobody is mentioning a single story companion just hirelings , Please do READ . Why are you derailing this thread talking about companiontards ? Just a quick look at chosen characters and their races reveals that no companion is going to be used here . Using companions doesnt make the game hard or harder , they trashy builds are actually better for surviving potd most of the time because of sky high constitution and other defensive attributes on classes that could skip them entirely if they choose to go for more offense , you keep talking about min/maxing meanwhile min/max does not work since 10 patches ago , characters without defenses will be eaten alive by improved AI in no time , try playing on Iron man , Maim off , Knockout Injuries on , with 3 Con 3 Res and no Armor character , he will die and his soul will go back the wheel . And yet companion builds are just disgusting 13 RES on aloth makes me cringe every time thats simply 10 attribute points you can put anywhere else and not loose anything you know wizards can stack 75+40 Deflection from their self buffs right .
  15. Just dont "upscale" WM and WM2 and the higher defenses will become irrelevant . Obviously when you are aware of the bug dont save/load hundred times just because you feel like it . More to that if you quick save enemies dont magicaly increase defense , you need to load the game, well dont load unless your main character/beloved companiontard died , just imagine this as "Iron Man Light version " where every time you load it becomes harder . And those people who havent played PoE yet , well you waited so long you might wait 2-3 more months for "the final complete version"
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