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  1. Since no one is mentioning it - you don’t bring SC cipher for pure damage or cc especially not serafen, you use it for ally targeting powers mostly pen buff and ancient memory.
  2. He misses more than other casters because of 12 PER and because of Wild Mind shenanigans
  3. I recently played trough the game with SC Blood Mage watcher on PotD +upscalling+deadly deadfire and at no point in the game I actually had issues because of low con and res (5 with beraths blessing) I had Druid healer in my group and I could spam the spells pretty much all the time, as a wizard you just use one of the deflection buffs at the start and enemies will never target you and from the mid game and up you have more than enough health to restore spells non stop. And if you dump con and res you can max other 4 stats pretty much and since I can get +2dex+evocation PL gloves right at the start of the game I went 20 5 18 20 20 5 ends up with all nice 20s. Early game you might want to use necklace of fireballs instead of blood sacrifice that’s the only drawback of low con. This game is way too easy to be afraid of low chance that u might get killed once because of blood sacrifice + random attack which almost never happens because enemies never target self buffed wizards. And there is no bigger waste than defensive stats that are not being used. Since op won’t have any proper damage dealers in his party he kinda needs to have all the damage on his MC especially since he won’t sacrifice anything for the damage.
  4. You can start the game with 20 mig 20 per 20 int 18 dex 5 con and res and you won’t have any problems because of it, early in the game you just gotta use gear that gives health and con and necklace of fireballs instead of abusing blood sacrifice, there aren’t that many fights before neketaka anyway and after neketaka you will be ready to use blood sacrifice at will, this is considering you play with a party and have a healer and if you do have a healer blood mage actually puts healers to good use same as healing potions.
  5. Imo it’s not worth losing the damage just because theoretically it’s safer, meanwhile in practice you have more than enough of health regen and heals.
  6. Excuse me, but why we are dumping might here? It increases damage just the same as healing so it will have no effect on raw dmg/regen part also since you will be using ring to decrease the damage you will end up with more healing than damage because of might. My bloodmage was able to spam middle level spells via Blood Sacrifice with all the regen+healing items, with Druid/chanter/paladin/priest help you can even go for PL9 spells. I had 25 might no less than that in combat
  7. It should not stack(devotions and despondent blows) but you can’t ever know with PoE if something works the way it should
  8. Lifegiver/Woedica is best support in the game however it’s best suited for party play Despondent Blows is pretty unique spell because of its melee Accuracy reducing affect it is really good
  9. Luminous Adra potion is like a life-hack for deadfire however it is an exception and not really an active combat action but something you do after or before it to make your life easier (aka you don’t need to backtrack to rest,Backtracking to rest has no drawbacks tho so the potion might as well not be there, and majority of injuries you get from scripted interactions anyway)
  10. To be honest just because I can make few endgame bosses much easier with food buff doesn’t make food good or useful in general throughout the game, it gets outclassed by just going to Luminous Bathouse and getting both bonuses for extra class resource,at least it won’t get replaced by random inspiration or active ability. Meanwhile some potions and scrolls are really decent they are not very accessible, as they require materials that are pretty random to get(unless you spam wait at Cutzils) and some of them require materials that you will never use on crafting a scroll or a potion especially not in early-mid game where you want all the rare materials for item enchants, and by the time you can spare those mats for scrolls and potions you most likely don’t need them anymore as the game has been outleveled already. Obviously with some meta gaming knowledge you can make good use out of all these consumables but the effort won’t be worth the effect more often than not.
  11. Since you can solo the game with just a watcher, beating with it a party is surely doable however it all depends on builds you choose.
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