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  1. It always seemed to me that the chance to petrify an enemy was quite a powerful feat. Now it’s been some time, but I’m looking to get back into the game. I plan on playing a monk, and I noticed no builds toying around with the greenstone staff as the main weapon for a monk. Am I overestimating its power or overseeing something else?
  2. I’ve only skimmed through the thread here, but it seems to me this post can be considered less straight out pro police-state/anti-protesters than some others here. And still, I take mayor issue even with what is being stated here. “When you attempt to murder someone, you are no longer a protester. You are an attempted murderer. You have crossed a line and do not deserve any protection.“ We ought to consider what is being stated. Why does being an attempted murderer - more precisely: being charged with attempted murder - mean that one does not “deserve any protection”. There’s be
  3. A late reply, but a reply anyway. I’ve been thinking about the same thing... I didn’t end up delving into it deeply, so I won’t be able to give you a detailed guide. And I’m only returning to the game. But take it as food for thought. The summons can be very great. Phantom and Ogres are, for example, great fun. See if you can find some synergies between your chants and your summons... you could, for example, test wether Sure Handed enhances the attack speed of the worms. There’s is also a chant that makes moving characters leave a trail of ice, that could be fun if applied to a summon. B
  4. Not to say that “games cause violence”, just looking for some nuance. Not to throw my full weight behind GD, but rare is the phenomenon that relies on a single cause. And thus, even though it undoubtedly is a major contributing factor, it seems doubtful wether widespread availability of guns is solely to be blamed for the high gun violence in the US. What certainly holds true - as far as I’m concerned - is that games are always embedded in a surrounding culture. So let us look at that that culture. One things that stands out the me is the lack of female shooters. Just googling for a
  5. Ben No.4


    Gottfried Benn: Ein Wort Ein Wort, ein Satz -: aus Chiffren steigen erkanntes Leben, jäher Sinn, die Sonne steht, die Sterne schweigen, und alles ballt sich zu ihm hin. Ein Wort - ein Glanz, ein Flug, ein Feuer, ein Flammenwurf, ein Sternenstrich - und wieder dunkel, ungeheuer, im leeren Raum um Welt und Ich. My attempt at a translation. German enables constructing words, which can’t be replicated in English, so keep that in mind. A word, a sentence -: from ciphers emerges recognised life, sheer meaning
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